One Piece Live-Action Showcase Happening at Netflix's Tudum

One Piece Tudum Luffy

One Piece Tudum Luffy

It looks like the wait for the first trailer won’t take much longer as Netflix confirmed that the One Piece live-action series will get the spotlight at the upcoming Tudum 2023 fan event on June 17.

The news was announced via the official Netflix and One Piece Twitter accounts.

Specifically, it was confirmed that the upcoming show will be among the highlights of the Tudum event, which will feature Netflix’s upcoming titles.

To further promote the show and the event, two of the show’s stars starred in short videos with special messages to fans.

Iñaki Godoy and Emily Rudd Promote One Piece for Tudum

one piece nami
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Instead of more pronunciation tips, this time, Godoy introduces the world of One Piece to those who haven’t read the manga or watched the anime.

Interestingly, the video sees Godoy speaking in Spanish. Check out the video here:

Aside from Godoy, Nami actress Emily Rudd starred in another video that also introduces newbies to the world of One Piece, this time in English.

You can watch Rudd’s short video here:

Given that two out of the five main cast members have done promotional tweets like this, it won’t be surprising to see Zoro, Sanji, and Usopp also get videos of their own.

Even if we don’t though, it seems that Zoro actor Mackenyu is already promoting the show on his personal Instagram account as he recently shared a reunion photo with his fellow cast members.

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Netflix’s Tudum to Feature One Piece Live-Action Showcase

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Tudum (named after Netflix’s signature intro sound) is an annual fan event where Netflix showcases its slate of upcoming movies and series through trailers, interviews, and more.

While it was revealed before that One Piece will get the spotlight, the show’s appearance at Tudum is being highlighted even more over the past few days.

Just yesterday, Eiichiro Oda shared a countdown illustration for Tudum, indicating that we might finally get the first teaser trailer for it.

Given that Tudum is Netflix’s big showcase of the year, it won’t be a surprise to see a proper One Piece live-action trailer there, though here’s hoping that it does the Straw Hat Crew justice.

Tudum 2023 will be streamed live on June 17 at 1:30 PM PT / 4:30 PM ET.

There is also a Tudum 2023 in-person event that’s happening in São Paulo, Brazil from June 16-18, 2023.

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Source: Tudum 2023 website

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