One Piece Live-Action Cast and Fans Want Jamie Lee Curtis as Kureha

One Piece Jamie Lee Curtis Kureha

One Piece Jamie Lee Curtis Kureha

While we haven’t even gotten a proper trailer for the series yet, fans and cast members are already looking into the show’s future. Recently, Nami actress Emily Rudd shared that she wants Jamie Lee Curtis to play Kureha in the One Piece live-action series.

Earlier this week, Netflix finally gave fans a look at the upcoming One Piece series.

While there’s no trailer yet, the sneak peek did include two visuals that show off the Straw Hat Crew’s looks, albeit from the back.

Jamie Lee Curtis and One Piece

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Jamie Lee Curtis is a popular American actress who became well-known as a “scream queen” thanks to her roles in the Halloween movie series, as well as in Prom Night and Terror Train back in the 80s.

More recently though, she has played roles in several highly regarded films, including Knives Out and Everything Everywhere All at Once, the latter of the two earning her a Best Supporting Actress nomination at the upcoming Oscars.

While she’s a popular Hollywood star, anime fans also know her for being a big fan of One Piece.

As she has revealed in previous interviews, she and her daughter Ruby love the series.

In fact, she mentioned in a previous San Diego Comic-Con panel that Nico Robin is her dream role, though she feels that she is too old for the role.

She also mentioned that the character she wants to play is Kureha, Drum Island’s doctor and mentor to Tony Tony Chopper.

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One Piece Fans and Cast Want Jamie Lee Curtis for the Role

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Given her love for One Piece, coupled with the fact that she even name-dropped the series at last year’s Oscars, many fans wish that Curtis would play Kureha if the live-action series gets renewed for a second season.

Nami actress Emily Rudd also echoed this sentiment. When asked which actor she wants to see in the series, she mentioned in an Instagram Story that Jamie Lee Curtis as Kureha is her dream casting choice.

Of course, the live-action show should first be renewed if there’s any chance that Curtis would play Kureha.

That will also depend on how well the first season will be received by critics and fans alike.

The One Piece live-action series will be released on Netflix sometime in 2023.

Right now, there’s no word yet on a specific release window for the show.

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