Mackenyu's Zoro Will Blow Fans Away in One Piece Live-Action, Says Insider

One Piece Live-Action Zoro

One Piece Live-Action Zoro

Netflix finally gave us our first look at its upcoming One Piece series. While there’s no proper trailer yet, an insider recently said that Mackenyu’s Zoro will delight One Piece fans when the live-action series gets released.

Specifically, noted One Piece superfan RogersBase mentioned in a recent live stream that he got to visit the live-action show’s set during filming.

While he can’t share footage yet, he did hype up Mackenyu and Taz Skylar.

One Piece Live-Action First Look

Eiichiro Oda and Netflix initially revealed the live-action One Piece series way back in early 2020.

Since then, Netflix has revealed most of the show’s cast. The series also wrapped up filming last year.

Netflix has yet to give fans a look at the series, but that was until this week when the first set of teaser visuals was shared on the platform’s official website and social media channels.

The first poster features a view of Luffy from behind while wearing his iconic straw hat.

Meanwhile, the other image is of the first five Straw Hat Crew members, including Luffy, Zoro, Nami, Usopp, and Sanji.

While live-action anime adaptations are often disappointing for fans of the original, it seems that many fans are looking forward to seeing this upcoming series.

After all, the official Instagram post for the new visual got over a million likes.

There may be some criticisms about how the costumes look, but overall, fans seem to be cautiously optimistic, that is until the trailer finally gets released.

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One Piece Live-Action: Mackenyu’s Zoro Will Impress Fans, Says Insider

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Another thing that many people noticed is how buff Zoro and Sanji look.

RogersBase noted these comments, and he said that fans should get excited about these two Straw Hats.

While he wasn’t able to see Mackenyu in person during his set visit, RogersBase did get to see a clip of him in action.

He said that “Zoro will break [fans]” and that fans will be happy with Mackenyu’s performance.

He also praised Taz Skylar’s dedication to his role as Sanji to the point of getting cooking lessons to better portray the Straw Hat Crew’s cook.

Of course, we’ll have to wait and see if his claims are accurate. Thankfully, we won’t have to wait too long as Netflix’s live-action One Piece series will be released sometime in 2023.

Though there’s no word yet on a specific release date or a release window for the show.

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