Will One Piece Film: Red Ever Be Released on Crunchyroll?

One Piece Film Red Uta on Crunchyroll Expected Release Date

One Piece Film Red Uta on Crunchyroll Expected Release Date

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It feels like One Piece has been around forever, yet the series continues to outdo itself – particularly with the One Piece Live-Action getting a second season! But when will the latest movie, One Piece: Film Red, be available on Crunchyroll?

One Piece Film: Red follows Uta, a legendary singer whose identity had always been concealed before she decides to host her first-ever live concert.

With all the world watching, Uta and Luffy meet, with Luffy revealing that Uta is Shank’s daughter.

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Will One Piece Film: Red Be Released on Crunchyroll?

It's not officially confirmed that One Piece Film: Red will ever appear on Crunchyroll. However, given the streaming service's involvement in distributing the film, it's most likely it will end up here eventually.

Crunchyroll announced that they had entered a partnership with Toei Studios, the producers of One Piece, to distribute the theatrical run internationally in sub and dub.

While that announcement only referred to the film’s cinema release, Crunchyroll entered similar agreements with other recent anime movies, including Demon Slayer: Mugen Train and Jujutsu Kaisen 0.

Both of those movies were first released internationally in cinemas, but both eventually ended up available on Crunchyroll for subscribers.

One Piece Film: Red Crunchyroll Release Date

One Piece Film: Red Crunchyroll Release Date
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One Piece Film: Red was expected to arrive on Crunchyroll at some point in 2023. However, there has been little news since the film's cinema run came to an end last year.

Crunchyroll tends to not add new anime films to its streaming service until they have completed their box office run. However, after the box office is completed comes DVD sales, something which is traditionally seen as important for Japanese anime studios.

Crunchyroll allowed a few months after the DVD of Demon Slayer: Mugen Train was released before putting that movie on its service. However, that changed a bit with Jujutsu Kaisen 0, whose DVD was released broadly in line with the movie arriving on Crunchyroll.

One Piece Film: Red's digital purchases started in March 2023. However, One Piece Red's physical DVD release started in July.

With that in mind, we hoped to hear more about the movie's potential arrival on Crunchyroll in the summer, potentially at one of the anime expos. Alas, there was no word.

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A saving grace for One Piece fans is that Crunchyroll regularly announces releases shortly before their arrival. Could we still be in for a holiday season surprise? I'll keep my fingers crossed.

Is There Any Way to Watch One Piece Film: Red?!

Watch One Piece Film Red online
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Right now, there is no streaming service outside Japan that allows you to watch One Piece Film: Red.

The film is currently available on Amazon Prime, but this is only available in Japan.

In most major regions, the film is now available for digital purchase. Fans in the United States can buy or rent One Piece Film: Red through Apple TV, Vudu and the Microsoft Store.

Rest assured that we will bring you the latest once Crunchyroll announces anything on One Piece Film: Red's arrival.

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