Is One Piece Film: Red Set After Wano? Timeline Explained

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Is One Piece Film: Red Set After Wano?
Credit: Toei Animation

With the release of One Piece Film: Red in Japan, fans couldn't stop arguing about the timeline of the 15th film. So, is One Piece Film: Red set after Wano?

The events of One Piece Film: Red have piqued the interest of many fans. The excitement hasn't subsided since it was revealed that episodes 1029 and 1030 will tie into the events of One Piece Film: Red.

While One Piece Film: Red debuted ahead of episodes 1029 and 1030, the Wano Arc will be put on hold to allow for the story of Uta and Luffy's friendship to take center stage.


The delay was caused by a ransomware attack on Toei Animation, which resulted in the company's anime releases to be halted.

In any case, the timeline of all the One Piece films has always been a topic of discussion. Because the previous films are non-canon, fans all over the world are constantly debating the subject.

This article contains major plot spoilers for the film. Please read at your own risk.

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Is One Piece Film: Red Set After Wano?

Is One Piece Film: Red Set After Wano? Content
Credit: Toei Animation

No, One Piece Film: Red is not set after Wano if we’re talking about the canon timeline of the One Piece manga.


It is widely known that One Piece Film: Red depends on the anime pacing and not on manga developments. This explains why the timeline is so muddled.

In any case, One Piece: Film: Red is non-canon and will have its own timeline. It's as if the crew was dragged through a hyperspace to attend a music festival. Take it as a diversion from the crew's usual adventure.

Some fans have even stated that they will only see One Piece Film: Red as the crew relaxing before the Onigashima raid. The characters will be taken from the series to gather and participate in a non-canonical adventure, as in previous One Piece films.

However, in terms of design and other power-ups, One Piece Film: Red will take place after Wano.

This is based on Jimbei's appearance in the crew, Zeus's escape from Nami's clima-tact, Zoro's possession of Enma, Luffy's Gear 5, and the crew's other power-ups obtained following the Onigashima raid.

Nonetheless, there will be things post-Wano that they will not be able to release in the movie. Hence, it wouldn’t exactly be after Wano. This means that One Piece Film: Red will be somewhere between pre and post-Wano if that makes sense.

Either way, the movie is non-canon, so we will leave the timeline like that. This is not the first time that the movies have had a confusing timeline.


They also did it in One Piece Stampede, where it happens before the Wano arc and after the Whole Cake Island arc.

Furthermore, One Piece Film: Gold takes place after Dressrosa, but the entire crew is split up. Some go to Dressrosa, while others go to Zou.

It is highly recommended that you read the manga before watching One Piece Film: Red because there are some major spoilers in the film that are not yet covered in the anime!