One Piece Chapter 1077 Leaks Show Shaka and Punks in Trouble

One Piece Chapter 1077 Leaks Zoro

One Piece Chapter 1077 Leaks Zoro

Shanks’ appearance in the previous chapter has driven lots of interest in the latest One Piece events. Now, the first set of One Piece Chapter 1077 leaks and spoilers are circulating online, revealing that the Punks are in trouble.

While it may be disappointing to some, it seems that Shanks might not make an appearance in this chapter.

Though it’s also possible that he will appear, it’s likely that he won’t be the center of attention.

Spoiler Warning: There are possible One Piece Chapter 1077 spoilers in this article.

Seraphim’s Power and Shaka in Danger

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Firstly, the new leaks reveal the continuation of the cover story. Here, it’s shown that Judge and Caesar realized that Vegapunk is the real obstacle to their plans.

This might give us an idea as to why the MADS members went their separate ways.

As for the actual events in the chapter, it’s revealed that Zoro notices how the Seraphim have an ability similar to King, one of the All-Stars of Kaido’s Beast Pirates.

In case you need a refresher, King’s power isn’t limited to just his Devil Fruit ability. As a member of the Lunarian race, King can also generate flames.

It’s unclear now which of King's powers the Seraphim has, but it’s likely his flame ability. This makes sense given how the Seraphim also have wings.

In the meantime, it’s also revealed that Lilith uses the Bubble Gun against S-Snake, but it inadvertently hits Usopp, turning him into stone.

Finally, someone shoots Shaka in the head, causing his head to explode. This puts Shaka’s life into question, though he might have something up his sleeve, or at least under his Daft Punk helmet.

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What About Shanks vs. Kid?

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It’s a meme among One Piece fans that Shanks only makes an appearance in one chapter every year or so.

Because of this, many think that Shanks won’t appear again after a while, meaning his potential faceoff with Kid will happen offscreen.

Based on the first set of leaks, this might be accurate, as there was no mention of Shanks or Kid so far.

However, some fans are still hoping we get a glimpse of them in the next chapters.

There is hope though, given that we got to see at least part of Law and Blackbeard’s fight.

Plus, there won’t be a break next week according to the leaks, so we might get an update then.

For now, you’ll want to take these leaks with a grain of salt and simply wait for the official One Piece Chapter 1077 release this weekend.

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