One Piece Chapter 1076 Hypes Up a Shanks and Kid Showdown

One Piece Chapter 1076 Eustass Kid

One Piece Chapter 1076 Eustass Kid

One Piece Chapter 1076 was officially released yesterday, and it is hyping up a big showdown between Shanks and Eustass Kid.

While this might seem like a rematch, the chapter revealed that this will actually be their first time facing off, at least if they do get to see each other in person.

Aside from a potentially huge fight between the Red Hair Pirates and the Kid Pirates, the chapter also showed Luffy teaming up with Lucci against the Seraphim.

One Piece Chapter 1076 Events

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The events of this current arc are centered on Egghead Island, and the new chapter shows that the Straw Hats and the Punks are under attack by the Seraphim. This implies that there’s an impostor, possibly among the Punks.

Given the strength of the Seraphim, Luffy and Zoro decided to release CP0 agents Lucci and Kaku to form a temporary truce.

The scene cuts in the middle of the action to Shanks, who makes his first appearance in months.

As expected, fans were delighted to see the legendary pirate.

It’s revealed that Shanks is in Elbaf along with the rest of his crew. Also present with them are Dorry and Broggy who are seen being friendly with Shanks and his crew.

The chapter reveals that Kid is also on the island and that he’s looking to face off against Shanks.

However, Shanks tells his crew to send Kid a message, and that is to leave his Road Poneglyph and flee, lest he gets into a fight.

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One Piece Hypes Up Potential Shanks and Kid Fight

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Before, it was mentioned that Kid lost his arm when facing off against Shanks and the Red Hair Pirates.

Though this chapter reveals that Kid didn’t even see Shanks, so his arm was lost while fighting other members of Shanks’ crew.

This shows how huge the gap in strength is between Shanks and Kid, at least before the Wano Country arc.

Now that Kid has become even more powerful, things are going to be quite interesting if these two face off.

It’s also worth noting that Luffy, Law, and Kid are now facing off against powerful foes. While Kid is about to fight Shanks, Law is still fighting Blackbeard.

Meanwhile, aside from the Seraphim, Luffy might come face to face with Admiral Kizaru and a huge fleet of Navy ships, all with a member of the Gorosei onboard.

Fans will have to wait a bit longer to see what happens next though, as One Piece Chapter 1077 will be delayed by one week.

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