Here’s the Complete One Piece Timeline

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The Complete One Piece Timeline Luffy

Those who followed the One Piece series from 1999 up until now might've forgotten how certain events happened, and new fans might be confused about the timeline of the series, so this complete One Piece timeline will guide everyone in understanding the important events that took place.

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One Piece Calendars – What Is Their Significance?

One Piece Calendars Shanks
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Before we begin the One Piece timeline, it is important to know the two calendar systems in One Piece. The first is the Age of the Sea Circle and the second is the Age of Heaven.

The Age of the Sea Circle was used around 400 years ago by Mont Blac Noland. The calendar started in 1120.

Using this calendar, it will seem that the current time is the 16th century. Moreover, some believe that this calendar is similar to the Gregorian calendar.

On the other hand, the Age of Heaven is used to recite Arabasta history. The difference between the Age of Heaven and the Age of the Sea Circle is that it is unclear how days and months are divided in the prior calendar and it does not match any world timeline.

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One Piece Timeline Explained

One Piece Timeline Explained Luffy
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  • 5,000 years ago – The ancient people planted the Tree of Knowledge
  • 4,000 years ago – The Palace of Alubarna was completed
  • 1,100 years ago – Shandora was built
  • 1,000 years ago – Zunesha was born. The Longleg Tribe and Longarm Tribe started their quarrel. Zou was sighted, and the Mink Tribe separated themselves from Zou.
  • 900 years ago – The start of the Void Century. Joy Boy tried to raise Noah but failed.
  • 800 years ago – Shandora was destroyed and the Void Century ended. The Ruku Family ruled Dressrosa Kingdom. Zunesha was sentenced to walk the seas, and the World Government was created.
  • 460 years ago – The Cure for Tree Fever was created after the plague in Lvneel broke out.
  • 400 years ago – Shandia and Skypieans started a war against each other
  • 113 years ago – Carmel became the Mountain Witch
  • 100 years ago – Morley was locked down at Impel Down. The members of the Giant Warrior Pirates were captured. Carmel told the Marines to let them go and joined the pirates.
  • 55 years ago – Shimotsuki Village was founded
  • 50 years ago – The Rumbar Pirates decided to split into two groups. Brook took over the healthy crew members. However, they were annihilated.
  • 38 years ago – The God Valley Incident took place. Doctor Hiriluk went to Drum Island to find a cure for plagues.
  • 33 years ago – Pleasure Town was destroyed. The remaining Rocks Pirates recruited their old crew members.
  • 26 years ago – Neptune became the king of Ryugu Kingdom
  • 24 years ago – Gol D. Roger turned himself in to the Marines. But before he died, he convinced the pirates to look out for his hidden treasure called the One Piece. This marks the start of The Great Age of Pirates.
  • 22 years ago – The Ohara Incident took place, and Shanks met Yasopp.
  • 12 years ago – Monkey D. Luffy ate the Gomu Gomu no Mi which allowed him to gain rubber powers. He formed a brotherhood with Sabo and Ace.
  • 8 years ago – Dr. Hiriluk took Chopper and made him his assistant and surrogate son.
  • 6 years ago – Shanks became an Emperor
  • 2 years ago – Luffy decided to become the Pirate King. Luffy rescued Zoro and recruited him as his first crew member. Nami joined them for mutual convenience. The Straw Hat Crew was created and entered the Grand Line.
  • Current storyline – This is where the story progresses. The last update is that Luffy has become an Emperor.

It seems like the journey of the Straw Hats is not ending anytime soon.

Hopefully, this timeline was useful for new and old One Piece fans alike to catch up on and understand the series' events better.

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