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One Piece: Is Dr. Vegapunk Friend or Foe?

One Piece: Is Dr. Vegapunk Friend or Foe? Luffy
Credit: Toei Animation

The plot thickens in One Piece as Dr. Vegapunk reveals so much about himself, Ohara, and their research into the Void Century. He also revealed new details about Punk Records, the devil fruits, and the true cause of Bartholomew Kuma's loss of will. With so much going on, is Dr. Vegapunk a friend or foe in One Piece?

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Why Is Dr. Vegapunk So Important?

Why is Dr. Vegapunk So Important? Dr Vegapunk
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Credit: Eiichiro Oda / Shueisha / Viz Media / Jump Comics

Dr. Vegapunk, originally from Karakuri Island, is the chief scientist of the World Government's Special Science Group (SSG).

He served as the former national director of the MADS, also known as the Laboratory for Peace, where he collaborated with Caesar Clown, Vinsmoke Judge, Du Feld, Queen, Buckingham Stussy, and her clone.

His enthusiasm and knowledge of science are unparalleled, as he has spent his entire life researching and inventing ways to help mankind improve their way of life.

His most notable discoveries include the secrets of the sea stone, the power of the devil fruits, the applications of the lineage factor, and the creation of the seraphims and pacifistas that improved the military army.

Most notably, Dr. Vegapunk consumed a Paramecia-type devil fruit known as the Nomi Nomi no Mi, which enabled his brain to store an infinite amount of information and recall everything he had learned in the past.

Simply put, his brain and head expanded as he gained more knowledge and information!

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Who Are Dr. Vegapunk’s Satellites?

Who Are Dr. Vegapunk's Satellites? Vegapunk Lilith
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Credit: Eiichiro Oda / Shueisha / Viz Media / Jump Comics

If there is a physical manifestation of the phrase "work smart, not hard," Dr. Vegapunk is it.

Dr. Vegapunk manages to split his being into six different personalities, which he refers to as satellites and/or offshoots because he has so many things to attend to.

By utilizing the Punk Records, these satellites shared Dr. Vegapunk's brain; not to mention, they have different personalities derived from himself, which he now refers to as "stella".

However, as of writing, it is still unknown how Dr. Vegapunk accomplished such a feat.

Here are Dr. Vegapunk's six different satellites:

  • Vegapunk 01 Shaka: The good aspect of Dr. Vegapunk, also possesses his strong morals and a sense of justice and pride
  • Vegapunk 02: Lilith: The evil aspect of Dr. Vegapunk, which also possessed his malevolent traits
  • Vegapunk 03: Edison: The thinking aspect of Dr. Vegapunk, which possesses his thoughtfulness
  • Vegapunk 04: Phytagoras: The Wisdom Aspect of Dr. Vegapun
  • Vegapunk 05 Atlas: The violent aspect of Dr. Vegapunk, which also pertains to his aggressive behavior towards people’s incompetence and weaknesses
  • Vegapunk 06 York: The greedy aspect of Dr. Vegapunk

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What Is Dr. Vegapunk’s Main Goal?

What is Dr. Vegapunk’s Main Goal? Vegapunk Shaka
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Credit: Eiichiro Oda / Shueisha / Viz Media / Jump Comics

Dr. Vegapunk's ultimate goal with his scientific advancements is to provide free energy to everyone.

He believes that by providing free energy, there will be no need for unnecessary war and conflict, which can affect the lives of hundreds of thousands of innocent people.

As a matter of fact, Dr. Vegapunk has spent his entire life thinking about the world and its inhabitants, and how he can help improve their way of life.

Dr. Vegapunk is willing to do anything for the sake of science, even using other people to further his research.

While some applaud Dr. Vegapunk's reasoning and scientific explorations, others, such as Jewelry Bonney and the Marines, take issue.

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So, Is Dr. Vegapunk a Friend or Foe?

So, Is Dr. Vegapunk a Friend or Foe? Dr. Vegapunk
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Credit: Eiichiro Oda / Shueisha / Viz Media / Jump Comics

Despite his previous position as chief scientist, Dr. Vegapunk is a friend to Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates but a foe to the Marines and the World Government.

Dr. Vegapunk shared many of his discoveries and secrets with the Straw Hat Pirates after Luffy and the others ended up on Egghead Island, even if it meant risking his life.

He also believes in them so much that he is willing to bet his life on Luffy and his crew in order to escape Egghead Island.

Since the marines decided to abandon Dr. Vegapunk due to the amount of dangerous information he had learned, the CP0 has been hot on his tail, ready to assassinate him and permanently close his mouth.

When the CP0 arrived on Egghead Island, Dr. Vegapunk and his satellites joined forces with Luffy and his crew to fight and finally settle things.

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