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One Piece Chapter 1066 Release Date and Time, Spoilers

One Piece Chapter 1066 Release Date and Time Spoilers Jaguar Saul
Credit: Toei Animation

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While Franky and the others are stuck in Dr. Vegapunk’s laboratory, Luffy, Chopper, Jinbe, and Bonney discover an ancient ruin! Here are all the details you need to know about One Piece Chapter 1066's release date, time, and spoilers!

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Here's What Happened Before One Piece Chapter 1066

One Piece Chapter 1065 Recap Zoro and Brook
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Credit: Toei Animation

Zoro and Brook are talking in the lab stratum on Egghead Island about why they stayed on the Thousand Sunny instead of exploring the island with the others.

When it comes to a government island like Egghead, Zoro believes that he should consider who will bail out the others if they are caught doing something wrong, and Brook agrees.

Caribou requests permission from Zoro to leave the ship in the middle of their conversation because he only agreed to be dropped off anywhere from Wano, but the Straw Hats chose a government island instead.

Zoro releases Caribou after realizing that his assistance to Luffy is enough compensation, much to Caribou's frustration.

One Piece Chapter 1065 Recap Caribou
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Credit: Toei Animation

Meanwhile, the rest of the crew is astounded by what they are witnessing in Vegapunk's lab.

According to Vegapunk Lilith, the entire island is powered by fire because they can convert it into any type of energy.

They are also using alternative fuels to avoid depleting natural resources, which is why they are searching for an eternal flame, if such a thing exists, to create the island's very own sun.

To Franky's surprise, Vegapunk Lilith managed to sneak through the laboratory walls. The rest of the crew follows her and slides through the wall as well.

The Straw Hats, however, lost sight of her once inside the laboratory, but the walls behind them reverted to metal.

Vegapunk Lilith was preoccupied with Vegapunk Edison's call. Lilith instructs the Straw Hats to continue walking around the laboratory as if they were on a tour.

One Piece Chapter 1065 Recap Nami
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Credit: Toei Animation

Before Nami can go treasure hunting, they come across Seraphim 04 who looks like Jinbe, but younger.

Yusopp thinks it's Jinbe's son, Nami thinks Jinbe was transformed into a child, and Sanji thinks it's all a coincidence because the young Jinbe in front of them has wings and an ominous aura about him.

Franky grows impatient and begins to inquire about the child's true identity.

In contrast, the Jinbe-lookalike stood up and prepared to attack the crew. They all realized that the kid was a Pacifista after it completely blew them all away.

Yusopp realizes that everything has been set up as a massive trap for them.

Despite her dislike of fighting a young Jinbe, Nami prepares to attack.

Surprisingly, Seraphim Jinbe has devil fruit abilities similar to Senor Pink's, as he can dive underground and swim toward Nami's path. He began to choke Nami, which enraged Sanji.

One Piece Chapter 1065 Recap Sanji
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Credit: Toei Animation

Sanji uses his Diable Jambe Bien Cuit: Grill Shot on Seraphim Jinbe, and Robin follows up with her Gigante Fleur attack.

Robin also used the Sea Serpent attack, which involved her arms spanking the Seraphim, hence the name Snap Dragon Spank.

To avoid Robin's attacks, the young Seraphim uses Fishman Karate.

This time, Yusopp joins the fight, unleashing his lethal Green Star skill, Exploding Grass.

Unfortunately for Yusopp, the Seraphim evaded his attack and grabbed him from behind.

Dr. Vegapunk Edison, who was secretly watching from the monitors, is surprised when Franky prepares to launch his radical beam attack.

As it turns out, the young Seraphim was sent to be tested in battle by Vegapunk Edison.

One Piece Chapter 1065 Recap Franky
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Credit: Toei Animation

Franky, on the other hand, used a beam that was not meant for the Seraphim to withstand.

This irritates Vegapunk Lilith, who is concerned about the costs of building a Seraphim from the ground up.

Vegapunk Edison invents something new and decides to fly away, leaving the situation in the hands of Vegapunk Pythagoras, who gladly accepts responsibility.

The Seraphim's attack patterns have evolved as it grows, according to Vegapunk Pythagoras' data.

He concludes that they must accelerate their growth, even if it means facing new experimental challenges.

In the background, Vegapunk York, whose current BMI is 600, is eating while Vegapunk Edison works.

Vegapunk Edison needed to use the restroom but refused because he couldn't afford any more downtime.

On the other hand, Vegapunk York uses the restroom without hesitation, and her figure returns to normal.

She then falls asleep after finishing her fourth snack-dump-nap cycle.

One Piece Chapter 1065 Recap Nami
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Credit: Toei Animation

Dr. Vegapunk Shaka appears in front of the Straw Hats, ordering the Seraphim to return and halting the work of Pythagoras, Lilith, and Edison.

He greets the Straw Hats as their shoes get stuck in the mud, immobilizing them.

He informs everyone that DOM shoes can be magnetically disabled at any time while inside the laboratory, making resistance futile.

He also asks the Straw Hats' opinions about the island and whether or not it is futuristic.

Dr. Vegapunk Shaka reveals, much to Franky and the others' surprise, that Egghead Island is not futuristic because it is supposed to be a historical island.

He also reveals that 900 years ago, there was a technologically advanced kingdom similar to Egghead Island.

Meanwhile, Luffy, Chopper, Bonney, and Jinbe discover the ancient ruin of a massive robot made of real metal before the chapter ends.

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Here's the Release Date of One Piece Chapter 1066

One Piece Chapter 1066 Release Date Jinbe
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Credit: Toei Animation

One Piece Chapter 1066 is set to be released on November 13, 2022, in regions such as the US, the UK, and Europe.

In Japan, Chapter 1066 is set to be released on November 14, 2022.

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Here's the Release Time of One Piece Chapter 1066

One Piece Chapter 1066 Release Time Jinbe
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Credit: Toei Animation

In Japan, One Piece Chapter 1066 is set to be released on November 14, 2022, at 12:00 AM JST.

If this information remains correct, the following release times will apply to your location:

  • Pacific Time: 9:00 AM (November 13, 2022)
  • Central Time: 11:00 AM (November 13, 2022)
  • Eastern Time: 12:00 PM (November 13, 2022)
  • British Time: 5:00 PM (November 13, 2022)

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One Piece Chapter 1066 COUNTDOWN

One Piece Chapter 1066 COUNTDOWN

Please note that the countdown above follows the release time of One Piece Chapter 1066 in Japan.

Here's What You Can Expect From One Piece Chapter 1066

One Piece Chapter 1066 Spoilers Luffy
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Credit: Toei Animation

One Piece Chapter 1066 spoilers have been released, and it appears that major reveals for Vegapunk, Dragon, and the Giants have been divulged.

There's also a significant revelation about the Void Century and its connection to the World Government and how it relates to the current situation.

Check out our One Piece Chapter 1066 leaks article for more detailed information!

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