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Is the One Piece Manga the Same as the Anime? Differences

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Is the One Piece Manga the Same as the Anime? Differences

As everyone knows, One Piece started as a manga in 1997 before it was adapted into an anime in 1999. Anime adaptations are known to be quite different from their manga versions, but is the One Piece manga the same as the anime, or are there differences?

The short answer is while the One Piece anime did its best to mirror the manga, there are some instances wherein the anime has its own version of the story. These might be small differences but are surely approved by Eiichiro Oda.

Below are some differences between the manga and anime of One Piece.

Is the One Piece Manga the Same as the Anime? Differences

Is the One Piece Manga the Same as the Anime?
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The differences between the One Piece anime and manga are not huge. Fans can still watch the anime and get the same flow of the story. But for those who are curious, here are some differences between the two.

The One Piece anime has extended fight scenes. Though the manga does have amazing action sequences, the anime has longer scenes mainly because of the animation. One example was when Luffy was against Katakuri at Whole Cake Island.

Another difference is censorship. One factor that has caused this is the timeslot of the series. One Piece is aired early as compared with other shows hence there must be a lot of scenes to censor.

This does not only happen with One Piece but in other series as well, like Attack on Titan whenever it is aired in other countries.

There are also times when the anime takes the initiative to provide an original story to the viewers, like Sabo’s backstory which is not found in the manga.

Eiichiro Oda explained that the reason this was not part of the manga is because of time constraints. He gave the anime staff approval to do it instead.

This is also not the only time the anime did something similar to the story. Another time was when the anime introduced the massive Charlotte family in detail, which lacked in the manga.

Again, it was an issue of time constraints on Eiichiro Oda’s side but it looked amazing in the anime.

Both mediums are still amazing, especially with the fact that Eiichiro Oda is part of both sides to keep the consistency of the story.

Supporters of the show even have the option to read the manga and watch the series if they wish to, if they can catch up with the huge amount of One Piece content available, that is.

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