Nintendo CEO Hints at Nintendo Switch’s Inspiration

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Nintendo has taken some pretty big steps towards what the company can proudly call progress. And now that it has introduced a new console, the Nintendo Switch, it's opening doors to what could be big changes for its own gaming goals.

Nintendo CEO Tatsumi Kimishima spoke with Bloomberg to discuss a few more things about the Nintendo Switch outside of the promised specs coming early next year.

To start off, the concept for the Nintendo Switch came from the exploration of possible new experiences that the console can deliver for gamers. From this, the company explored the hybrid idea of a home and an on-the-go gaming device.

Since its reveal, the Nintendo Switch has been showcased as a far different console than Nintendo's earlier consoles, and that very experience says a lot about it.

Nintendo Switch is certainly living up to its name. And this can also be seen in the way that Nintendo has recently treated the reveal trailer. According to Kimishima, their target market still encompasses families and kids in the same way that its games previously did.

"Our core philosophy is that we want to increase the number of gamers at all ages, and there's no change to that. So we have no intention to lean just towards core gamers. But to communicate our new idea, when you think about who will understand it first, naturally it will be people who really understand games. To communicate that as quickly as possible, we focused on those folks who really understand games."

And even though the Nintendo Switch may be the company's next biggest hardware, it is still looking at the Nintendo 3DS as a viable and continually growing hardware. Kimishima confirmed that the company doesn't see any cannibalization in business once Switch comes out, mostly because the Nintendo 3Ds can continue on its own.

For now, fans can expect more news about the Nintendo Switch sometime in January.

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