Final Fantasy XV Goes Gold, New DLC Plans Revealed

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Paris Games held some pretty nice announcements for Final Fantasy XV. To start off, the game has already gone gold.

And not only that, the official Twitter account for Final Fantasy XV has confirmed that the team has already progressed in terms of what they are working on.

"Now FFXV has gone gold, a special team is working to bring new experiences to FFXV with the DLC."

There's also a new teaser, namely the expansion that will introduce co-op multiplayer for the game.

"The FFXV DLC will add brand new gameplay styles & experiences to the game so we hope you'll look forward to lots of exciting things to come."

Of course, this co-op mode will only come after launch. But the good news is that it will arrive with the season pass already announced. This may be a new move for Final Fantasy, but according to Kotaku, this is an understandable move that may follow in the footsteps of Final Fantasy XIV.

To top it all off, Square Enix hass also released a new trailer titled Omen. The new trailer is said to be inspired by an omen for Noctis' father and a catastrophic future that should be avoided.

The trailer is pretty much a fluid motion picture of sorts. We see Noctis driving when he sees a white dog. He gets into an accident, but while doing so, he sees Luna in trouble in the battlefield. He seems to be seeing the events in the eyes of Lunafreya, thanks to the dog.

All in all, the trailer shows a shifting world akin to a nightmare for Noctis. What's more, having Luna in the midst of danger in the battlefield must be the worst distraction of all.

Final Fantasy XV will be out on Nov. 29.

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