Joker Takes the Spotlight in New Suicide Squad Extended Cut Promo Vid

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If you thought you’ve seen the last of Jared Leto’s deranged and thug rendition of Joker, then you have another trailer coming.

Warner Bros. Pictures has released a promo vid for the extended cut version of Suicide Squad, just before its Digital HD and Blu-ray copies hit the shelves.




If you’re expecting more content from the trailer, well, don’t. Most of the scenes is a recap of how we’re dealing with the baddest of the bad. And a glimpse of the cast in split second glimpses.

But from the looks of it, the creators are catering to the fans’ thirst for more Joker and Harley Quinn. If the deranged psychotic Mad Love between the two was a tad too short in the official theatrical cut, then the extended version will surely offer a bit more peek into what happens behind closed doors between these two.

The first few seconds shows us a glimpse of what could be the mental courtship phase, which happens with Harley strapped to a metal bed and Joker ready to pseudo-electroshock the hell out of her brains.

“You left me in a black hole of rage and confusion.”

Some of the newer scenes also play up on the Joker and Harley romance, most of which probably occurred when she was still psychiatrist Dr. Harleen Quinzel.

The extended cut version of Suicide Squad features “explosive behind the scenes content and new footage you didn’t see in theaters.” I wonder if this extended cut will do for Suicide Squad what the Ultimate Edition did for the theatrical version of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Though I do hope that DC won’t have to resort to extended versions to give more meat to its future movies.

The Suicide Squad Digital HD arrives on Nov. 15, while the Blu-ray will be available a month after on Dec. 13.

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