Netflix’s Wednesday Star Jenna Ortega Shares She’s ‘Terrified’ of Christina Ricci

The long-awaited The Addams Family horror spinoff series, Wednesday, is set to premiere on November 23 on Netflix, starring former Disney star Jenna Ortega to play the titular character.

In an interview with Empire, the actress shared how she felt about Christina Ricci, who originally portrayed Wednesday in the 1991 live-action film The Addams Family and in 1993's The Addams Family Values, in joining the cast of Wednesday in an undisclosed role.

“I felt like I was genuinely having a panic attack when I was told. I was terrified. She’s a really cool lady. I was fine meeting her, but the first time we did a scene together and she had to see me done up the way she was done up 30 years ago, it was nerve-wracking.”

It is no surprise why the 19-year-old reacted the way she did upon finding out that she would be working with her idol, considering that Jenna herself admitted that Ricci's performance as Wednesday was and remains to be iconic.

Although she looks up to the previous Wednesday, Jenna aims to 'own' her portrayal of the titular character and by the looks of the Wednesday trailer, her goal is not far-fetched. Jenna reasons that she ‘doesn't want to rip anyone off’, especially since her version of Wednesday is going to be a teenager attending Nevermore Academy.

The closest we had seen Wednesday hit puberty was when she bonded and ended up kissing Joel, a boy she met at camp, for helping her and her brother escape the premises to save their uncle. The couple had a similar vibe to Wednesday's parents, Morticia and Gomez Addams.

“We've never seen Wednesday as a teenage girl. When you get older and you say these sarcastic, bitchy one-liners, it can come off as less charming and more rude or obnoxious. That was something I was really wary of.”

In spite of Jenna's fear, Christina Ricci actually praised the young actress' performance, even complimenting that the people would love her as Wednesday, along with working with Director Tim Burton and the rest of the cast.

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