Mythic Ranked Magic: The Gathering Arena Player Caught Abusing Nexus of Fate Loop

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Wizards of the Coast

There's a lot of things to love in Magic: The Gathering Arena: the smooth gameplay, wonderful animation, and various enjoyable formats despite the lack of Modern and Commander but just like any other game, there are trolls, toxic players, and those who abuse the system like the clock-wasters and of course, the Nexus of Fate loopers who will keep playing Nexus of Fate even if they run out of win conditions.

Apparently, one of them, known as Minato0703, is a Mythic-ranked player and ranked #211 in the world (at the time of the video recording above). Brian Embry managed to capture his opponent's endless loops on video. as you can see above, Minato0703 only has 4 cards left in his deck but with all his win conditions like Hydroid Krasis, Biogenic Ooze, and Frilled Mystic are already in the graveyard, he still keeps playing Nexus of Fate over and over again with hopes that Embry will eventually concede. Embry said that he reported his opponent twice for conduct his "inappropriate behavior" but no one responded right away.


In an update on Reddit, Embry said that Minato0703 ended but he wasn't sure if he conceded or if it was forced. Embry ended up winning the whole match after his opponent conceded on Game 2 thanks to his Thought Erasure, Duress, and Disinformation Campaign.

I'm glad Embry won that match but it's still aggravating to see that one of the top-ranked players in Magic Arena is abusing the game with Nexus of Fate. The developers of Magic Arena and Wizards of the Coast should do more to prevent this kind of behavior.

Nexus of Fate has already been banned in best-of-1 Standard but the extra-turns card is still legal in best-of-3 Standard so players can still abuse this endless loop despite the lack of win condition. Even two-time MagicWorld Champion Shahar Shenhar became a victim of the Nexus of Fate loop during his live stream.

Just in case you become a victim of this Nexus of Fate problem, Redditor shared a way to auto-pass against them:

How to Auto-Pass against Turbo Fog/Nexus

Do you think Nexus of Fate should also be banned in best-of-3 Standard? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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