2-Time MTG World Champion Shahar Shenhar Just Became A Victim of Nexus of Fate Infinite Loop on Magic Arena

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Wizards of the Coast

Shahar Shenhar may have won the Magic: The Gathering World Championship twice but that doesn't mean he's immune to Magic Arena's Nexus of Fate infinite loop problem.

The Magic Pro League pro player was streaming Magic Arena on his Twitch channel earlier today, and his opponent was able to trap him with his infinite turns loop thanks to Nexus of Fate.

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Standard decks that usually use Nexus of Fate aim to chain multiple extra turns and win by milling your opponent, attacking with Karn's Construct tokens, or - if you're splashing red - burn for a lot of with Banefire but in this case, it looks like the opponent is just playing Nexus of Fate infinitely without a win condition. The stream had over 2,000 viewers and it took two hours for the infinite turns to run until Magic Arena Game Director Chris Clay banned Shenhar's opponent to force the game to end.

Hopefully, this annoying stream moment will enforce some rules on this infinite turns strategy. I don't think Nexus of Fate should be banned in Magic Arena but there should be a way for the game to detect players who are abusing its power.

Despite being a victim of the Nexus of Fate trap, Shenhar seems to be grateful that it happened to him. Over on Twitter, he shared Wizards of the Coast reporter Corbin Hosler's tweet about how the moment brought excitement to the Magic: The Gathering streaming community.


Of course, Shenhar isn't the first victim of this loop. Streamer Suroboro shared a clip of this ridiculous trap:


Watch That time with the Nexus of Fate guy. from Suroboro on www.twitch.tv

I love playing Turbo Fog decks that run Nexus of Fate but I don't do that kind of time-wasting trick. You can watch me play Bant Fog in this video:


Do you think Nexus of Fate should be banned in Magic Arena? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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