Watch: Magic Arena Player Survives A Lethal Attack and Wins With Amplifire

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Just imagine that you're playing Magic: The Gathering Arena; You're at 20 life, have a bunch of creatures, your opponent has 5 life, and the only creature he's got is one 1/1 Amplifier. You think you got the game, right? Well, if you were playing against Twitch streamer LevithanLive, you're wrong. 

In the clip above, you can watch LevithanLive survive a lethal attack from a Golgari player by using a "Fog" card called Root Snare, then win with a 24/24 Amplifire (thanks to Ghalta!) and a Thud (a card that lets you sacrifice a creature to deal damage equal to its power to target player). Amplifire and Thud combo is nothing new but seeing LevithanLive survive what seems like a hopeless situation and win with a lucky Amplifire ability is just fun to watch.

Just in case, you don't know what Amplifire does, here it is: 

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That was an epic win! 

Also, if you want to see a deck with Hydroid Krasis and Goblin Chainwhirler in the same deck, watch our video here: 


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