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Magic: The Gathering March 2019 Ban & Restricted Announcement: Should Nexus of Fate Be Banned?

Wizards of the Coast

Magic: The Gathering's latest banned & restricted announcement is scheduled today and while many were wondering if Nexus of Fate will be banned in Standard or if Faithless Looting will get axed in Modern, there are no changes in any formats, Wizards of the Coast announced.

Last month, Nexus of Fate, the powerful card that can give a player extra turn and returns to the deck instead of hitting the graveyard, was banned in best-of-1 Standard in Magic: The Gathering Arena. However, the card is still legal in traditional best-of-3 Standard so many are wondering if it will ever get banned in Standard. Now, it looks like Wizards have made their decision and explained why it's not getting banned in today's announcement: "The complaints surrounding Nexus of Fate mainly focus on the amount of time those decks take to win, and the fact that the card is only available in premium treatment," Magic R&D developer Ian Duke explained. "The latter has implications with respect to potentially marked cards in competitive play."

According to Duke, the Standard environment is proving to be one of the most balanced in recent years. Decks that use Nexus of Fate represented about 14% of the Mythic Championship Cleveland metagame and just one of the top 8 decks.

Do you think Nexus of Fate or other cards should have been banned this month?

The next Magic: The Gathering ban & restricted announcement will be made on May 20, 2019.

Watch me pilot a Nexus of Fate deck below:

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