My Hero Academia Fans Are Falling Head Over Heels for Lady Nagant

My Hero Academia Lady Nagant

My Hero Academia Lady Nagant

While the sixth season may be reaching an end in just a few weeks, fans were delighted and are now falling head over heels for Lady Nagant following her proper debut in My Hero Academia Episode 134.

As the ongoing season is covering the manga’s Dark Hero arc, the anime now sees Deku face off against a disillusioned former Pro Hero that’s a favorite of many manga readers.

My Hero Academia Season 6 Arc

My Hero Academia Anime Lady Nagant
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It’s fair to say Season 6 was dominated by the Paranormal Liberation War arc as it saw an all-out clash between heroes and villains.

It also saw Shigaraki flex his new abilities, though he does get controlled by All For One in the end.

Following the end of Deku and Shigaraki’s clash, fans got a bit of a reprieve, though not for long.

Soon, the anime saw All For One raid the Tartarus prison to free numerous villains that are now wreaking havoc.

Because of these events, Deku goes on the run to keep his friends safe and fight the villains in the process.

This Dark Hero arc is the first major story arc of the series’ Final Saga, and it shows a darker turn for Deku as he faces the villains without his friends, with only All Might and the other top heroes providing some support.

The beginning of this arc is set sometime after a short time skip. Now, Deku faces off against an incredibly dangerous foe.

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My Hero Academia’s Lady Nagant

my hero academia season 6 lady nagant
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Deku’s foe is none other than Lady Nagant, the former Pro Hero who was imprisoned in Tartarus and subsequently freed by All For One.

Due in part to her traumatic experiences as a Pro Hero, Nagant is disillusioned by society, leading to the events of her fight with Deku.

Many manga readers are big fans of Lady Nagant thanks to a combination of her powerful skills, beautiful appearance, and compelling backstory.

Now, anime fans have also fallen in love with the former hero.

Aside from falling head over heels for Nagant’s epic debut, many also praised her voice actress, Atsumi Tanezaki.

Fans expressed their surprise when they found out that Tanezaki is also the VA of Anya Forger from Spy x Family, showing how she has incredible range.

Lady Nagant and Deku’s fight will continue in the next My Hero Academia Season 6 episode, which will be released this weekend.

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