Is Deku a Villain in My Hero Academia?

Is Deku a Villain in My Hero Academia?

Is Deku a Villain in My Hero Academia?

From the beginning of My Hero Academia, Deku has proven himself as a hero. He would never hesitate to help someone in need, even when he was quirkless. But it appears that Deku will encounter a darker side of himself in his journey. Does this mean that Deku will be a villain in My Hero Academia?

Shounen protagonists turning into villains is no longer new. Attack on Titan’s Eren has done it, and although the fandom was surprised with his transition, there are still those who support him.

Another example of a hero becoming a villain is Light Yagami, who used the Death Note to eliminate criminals.

So, will a similar thing happen to MHA's main character?

Is Deku Evil?

Is Deku a villain in My Hero Academia?
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So far, Deku has not turned to the dark side in My Hero Academia. Fans of the hero anime got the idea that he might've had a change of heart when he decided to leave U.A. High. But it was later revealed that there was a deeper reason for his decision: to help the Pro Heroes win against Shigaraki.

In Chapter 318, there was another hint that Deku might turn into a villain after a Dark Deku started to appear. His rage triggered his quirk to warp with his unconscious mind, making him uncontrollable.

However, it seems that Dark Deku is just a part of his quirk that he needs to control. Once he manages his quirk, Dark Deku will never appear again.

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Will Deku Become a Villain?

Will Deku Become a Villain?
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Various theories pose that Deku can become a villain in the future, and some viewers are eager to see a different side of him. Some theories include Deku’s past triggering him to become a villain, All For One being his father, and Deku losing his optimism as a hero.

No doubt, it would be interesting to see Deku as a villain. He has been a stereotypical hero throughout the series so far, so a change in character might cause viewers to love him more.

But does Deku really need to be a villain? Probably not.

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Deku has established himself as a genuine and kind hero that helps everyone in need. From the beginning of the series until now, Deku always finds a way to save people.

Changing his personality would ruin the image that has been built for him over the years. Plus, there is nothing wrong with having a good old-fashioned hero who wholeheartedly wants to save the world.

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