My Hero Academia Chapter 374 Spoilers Set Up a Dabi and Endeavor Showdown

My Hero Academia Chapter 374 Spoilers Dabi

My Hero Academia Chapter 374 Spoilers Dabi

After the last chapter ended on a cliffhanger, My Hero Academia Chapter 374 spoilers have begun spreading online. And while its events don’t exactly answer what happened at the Central Hospital, it does set up a fight between Dabi and Endeavor.

Usually, spoilers of popular Weekly Shonen Jump titles are leaked online. My Hero Academia is no exception as new story spoilers are currently being shared online ahead of its official release this weekend.

Spoiler Warning: There are possible My Hero Academia Chapter 374 spoilers in this article.

My Hero Academia Chapter 373 Recap

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The last couple of chapters focused on the events at the Central Hospital where people with mutant quirks are facing off against the Pro Heroes, including Shoji and Koji.

In the meantime, a superpowered Spinner is making his way to Kurogiri as instructed by All For One.

At the end of Chapter 373, Kurogiri is freed. And while he now shows the facial features of Shirakumo, it seems that he is still firmly in the villains’ camp.

This spells plenty of trouble for the heroes as this could mean the villains now have access to Kurogiri’s portals.

The recent turn of events comes right on time as Deku is getting the upper hand over Shigaraki.

As a refresher, while the Central Hospital’s events are ongoing, Shoto Todoroki has beaten Dabi in their fight.

But it turns out that Dabi has survived, and his new goal now is to get to Endeavor’s location and beat him.

As for Endeavor, he, along with Hawks and other Pro Heroes, is facing off against All For One.

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My Hero Academia Chapter 374 Spoilers

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The latest chapter starts with a news report saying that a giant cloud has appeared in Japan.

Soon, the scene shifts to Dabi who is considering how he can reach Endeavor.

Shortly after, Skeptic contacts Dabi and a portal opens in front of him.

We then see Deku fighting Shigaraki, with Shigaraki getting closer and closer to being defeated.

But a portal opens behind Aizawa and the other heroes, though it wasn’t shown who has made his way there.

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Finally, the new chapter ends with Dabi and two Twice clones appearing in a portal where Endeavor and Hawks are fighting All For One.

It’s not explained how the Twice clones are there, but it seems Himiko Toga had a hand in it.

What’s for sure is that we should see a Dabi and Endeavor fight in the coming chapter.

Nonetheless, you might want to take these spoilers with a grain of salt.

To find out what will truly happen, you’ll want to wait for Chapter 374’s official release on Manga Plus.

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