My Hero Academia Finally Reveals How All For One Tragically Failed Dabi

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My Hero Academia has been all about Dabi in the past few chapters and the latest one is no different. However, this time, Chapter 350 reveals some key moments in Dabi's past and how he was tragically failed by All For One! WATCH OUT! MY HERO ACADEMIA CHAPTER 350 SPOILERS AHEAD!

In My Hero Academia Chapter 350, Doctor Kyudai Garaki reflects on what happened to Dabi, back when he was still a boy named Toya Todoroki. It is revealed that All For One and the Doctor had rescued Toya from his burning, intending to raise him as one of their "spare vessels" for the Demon King. When Toya awakens, three years have passed and he has been in a coma from his accident. To make matters worse, the experimentation failed and Toya is still unable to handle his fire with his new body.

All For One and the Doctor try to convince Toya to work with them but the boy is determined to return to his father. When Toya escapes from the nursery, All For One and the Doctor decide to let him go because they are unable to convince him to stay on their side. Additionally, they believe he will die soon anyway.

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It's a tragic revelation that proves Endeavor wasn't the only one who failed Toya but All For One as well. All the tragedy would ultimately lead to Toya shedding his identity and becoming Dabi.

The chapter concludes with Dabi continuing to face Shoto Todoroki and as Dabi claims that he will destroy everything that "that thing" holds dear, Shoto prepared to use his new Super Move Flashfire Heatfist, saying it won’t be on his watch.

My Hero Academia Chapter 350 is now out on Weekly Shonen Jump Issue #19 and on VIZ Media.

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