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My Dress-Up Darling Anime Writer Shares How Gojo Was Changed From the Manga

My Dress-Up Darling Gojo

My Dress-Up Darling’s Wakana Gojo is an interesting foil to the bubbly Marin Kitagawa. But did you know that the My Dress-Up Darling anime’s writer changed Gojo from his manga version?

While the anime is a faithful adaptation of its manga source material, there were some changes made to the story to better fit the animation medium. Plus, Gojo was also modified a bit to make him easier to relate to.

This was shared by the anime’s writer, Yoriko Tomita, in a recent interview with Crunchyroll.

There, she mentioned the difficulty of adapting a manga as well as her thoughts on Gojo.

My Dress-Up Darling Anime Writer on Adapting the Manga

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For manga readers, an anime is expected to be faithful to its source material so that its story is better. Though even the most faithful anime differs in some way given the change in medium.

Such was the case with My Dress-Up Darling as Tomita had to select which parts of the manga can be fit into one 20-minute episode.

This is difficult because the manga’s story was not created with 20-minute episodes in mind.

Because of this, balancing the contents of each episode so that they aren’t too rushed or too stretched out was a challenge.

Thankfully, the show’s staff, including the director and producers, helped Tomita in the scriptwriting process.

What also added some difficulty is that Tomita hadn’t read the manga until being hired to be the show’s writer.

But she did instantly connect with the series given that her mother and older sister are into crafts, much like Gojo.

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Wakana Gojo in the Anime vs. the Manga

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Tomita also went into detail about how she changed Gojo in the anime from the manga.

She specifically said how Gojo’s negative sides in the anime aren’t made to be too heavy.

For instance, in the manga, there were times when Gojo’s classmates were cold to him. But that was not the case in the anime.

The reason Tomita did this is due to the tendency of Japanese anime fans to “empathize too much with a passive character and feel pain.”

If the anime were to feature heavy scenes of Gojo’s loneliness, this might make the show too heavy.

It was important for Tomita to keep the show’s feel light as she remarked how the show is not a serious anime.

Though Tomita did say that she asked series creator Shinichi Fukuda for approval when she changed some lines.

There’s a lot of care that has been put into My Dress-Up Darling, so it’s no surprise to see it become a big hit.

Now, fans must wait a bit longer for the show’s continuation, but at least an anime sequel has been confirmed previously.

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Source: Crunchyroll

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