Moon Knight Drops Thrilling Official Trailer; Release Date Confirmed for the Marvel Series

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The first Marvel series of the year finally drops its official trailer and it is thrilling to see what chaos Moon Knight has in store for the fourth phase of the MCU. As the teaser for the show came out, the release date is also confirmed which means Oscar Isaac’s eponymous vigilante is about to grace the screen in two months’ time! Are you excited?

Perfectly arriving on the first full moon of the year, Moon Knight’s brand-new official trailer along with the first look poster made its debut at the NFL Super Wild Card matchup and the teaser is quite intense seeing Oscar Isaac as Steven Grant who works at a gift shop but in his waking life, he has been plagued with not knowing whether some things are from his dreams or memories of a different life.


At one point, he found a phone and when he called, a woman was extremely worried about her but what baffled him most is that she called her Marc. There, he realized he has a dissociative identity disorder where Marc Spector, a mercenary, shares his body with him. Finally embracing the chaos, we see Moon Knight in his white ensemble.

Also in the trailer is the mysterious villain played by Ethan Hawke and in the captions of the clip, it was revealed that Hawke will be playing Arthur Harrow, a character who only appeared once in the Marvel Comics, making this bad guy a more mysterious one.

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Moon Knight will finally be arriving in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in his very own series on Disney Plus. Along with the trailer comes the confirmation of the release date of the series which will be happening on March 30, 2022, making it the first-ever Marvel series to drop this year and it is expected to end just in time before the release of the next Marvel project, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

Moon Knight is scheduled for release on March 30, 2022, exclusively on Disney Plus.