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Moon Knight Episode 6 Post-Credits Explained for the Finale

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In a classic way to end a title under the Marvel Cinematic Universe, there will always be a post-credits scene which set ups the stage for what comes next, may it be for the show or film, or for another project. For Moon Knight, in its finale, Episode 6, Gods and Monsters, it is the arrival of a much-awaited character who finally makes an appearance in the series after being teased in the whole season.

Warning! This article contains spoilers for Moon Knight! Read at your own risk!

Moon Knight Episode 6 Post-Credits Explained for the Finale

Moon Knight Episode 6 Post-Credits Explained for the Finale
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Credit: Marvel Studios
Moon Knight Episode 6 Post-Credits Explained for the Finale

The Marvel Cinematic Universe always makes it sure that the people will be wanting more after a series or a film under the franchise ends with the post-credits scene. It is a genius way of making everyone sit until the very last second of every project and it is the perfect way for everyone to appreciate and see the names of the people behind the scenes.

In Moon Knight’s finale, Episode 6, as the credits roll, it doesn’t stop there. Harrow is seen in a psychiatric facility where he seemed to have lost his mind, thinking that his drink is sand. As he spills it, a nurse approaches him, telling him it is time for bed, but a man stopped the nurse instead, speaking in Spanish.

The man rolls his wheelchair where he sees dead bodies around the hospital and he was brought to a limousine. The man takes away the wheelchair aggressively, even kicking it to the ground, and inside, Khonshu is waiting. Harrow laughs it off claiming that the god cannot hurt him but Khonshu reveals a secret to him instead.

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Khonshu says that all this time, Marc thought that Layla is to be Khonshu’s next avatar when Marc is the perfect one for him. Khonshu reveals that he doesn’t need anybody else and Marc has no idea how truly broken he is and when Harrow mocked him being such a chitty-chatter, Khonshu knocks on the window, introducing his friend.

It turns out to be Jake Lockley, to the surprise of Harrow, and Lockley smiles before he takes out a gun with a silencer and pulls the trigger on Harrow, killing the goddess and him once and for all.

With Marc and Steven free, it seems that only those personalities have been freed by the god of the moon and as Khonshu introduced Jake Lockley in the post-credits scene, it only means that Marc is still bound to Khonshu but only when it is his third persona that is in control. See, Jake Lockley has been under the shadows for a long time that not even Marc nor Steven has an idea he exists.

While they both have a clue that there is someone inside of the same body finishing the job in a surprisingly brutal way, it also shows that Khonshu knows how truly broken Marc is given that he has a personality he does not even know of. This also points to the future of the titular character in the franchise given that he is still connected to Khonshu, and when he is, there is a future for Moon Knight.

Moon Knight Episode 6, the finale, is now streaming on Disney Plus.


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