Moon Knight Episode 4 Hints The Arrival of Another Villain

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The Marvel Cinematic Universe is known for its surprises and for Moon Knight, there are things or character that are yet to make an appearance. While there is already a villain in the story, Arthur Harrow, backed by another who is yet to debut, Ammit, Episode 4 hinted that there is another one and whether he will be appearing in the series is yet unknown.

Warning! This article contains spoilers for Moon Knight! Read at your own risk!

Moon Knight Episode 4 Hints The Arrival of Another Villain

Moon Knight Episode 4 Hints The Arrival of Another Villain
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Credit: Marvel Studios
Moon Knight Episode 4 Hints The Arrival of Another Villain

Before all the strangeness of the mental institution part of Episode 4, The Tomb, Layla sees Harrow after fighting off a mummy that protects the tomb of the pharaoh and Harrow later discloses what happened to her father when he died. Harrow reveals that Marc was there when it happened and Marc can never forget anything that happened on that fateful day. Before Layla leaves, Harrow wishes for her to find closure on her father’s death.

Layla reunites with Steven but confronts him that she demands to see Marc. Since she is already angry, Steven obeyed and gave Marc the body but Layla wants to really know the truth of what happened with her father. Marc says that his partner got greedy and went on a killing spree. Even he was supposed to die that night if not for Khonshu.

The partner of Marc who killed the father of Layla has been mentioned and it purports that he may possibly arrive in the MCU. The Bushman, in the comics, is another notable villain in Moon Knight and with the mention of him, he could come out at any moment, possibly in the next episode as such would possibly deal with the psyche of Marc.

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He is Raoul Bushman, he pertains to himself as “The Bushman.” In the comics, he used to be the mercenary partner of Marc Spector. Bushman killed the father of Marlene Alraune, the comic book counterpart of Layla. It was Bushman who gunned Spector to death had Khonshu not given him another chance in life.

Moon Knight Episode 4 is now streaming on Disney Plus where it would be available on the service in the highest streaming quality, 4K. Episode 5 arrives at 3 AM EST on April 27, 2022.


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