Moon Knight Episode 4 Ending Explained

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If the first three runs of the show got you confused, watching Moon Knight Episode 4 will definitely melt your brain as it takes everyone into a whole new level of “what just happened?!” From the tombs to the mental institution, things seem to be out of place by the end of it and here is the ending explained because really, it’s really baffling!

Warning! This article contains spoilers for Moon Knight! Read at your own risk!

Moon Knight Episode 4 Ending Explained

Moon Knight Episode 4 Ending Explained
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Credit: Marvel Studios
Moon Knight Episode 4 Ending Explained

Moon Knight Episode 4, The Tomb, has taken everyone from the sands of Egypt to a confusing mental institution and it seriously left everyone confused as to what really happened. Steven Grant and Layla are looking for the ushabti of Ammit before Harrow could find it and they came across the tomb where a great pharaoh lies: Alexander the Great, who turns out to be the last avatar of Ammit, the voice of the goddess before being completely locked up in stone by the other gods.

Of course, it is not without chaos. They had to face mummies who protect the place, and definitely, Harrow and his people. Almost winning but ended up losing, Harrow shot Marc to the chest with two bullets saying he cannot save anyone who does not want to be saved at all. There, Marc fell into the waters behind Alexander the Great’s tomb.

It led everyone into a scene in a movie, Tomb Buster, where one of the characters is named Dr. Steven Grant, presumably the same inspiration of Marc in the creation of Steven’s persona. We see Marc in a mental institution with all the other characters from the previous episodes as either patients or workers in the facility and Harrow seems to be the head psychiatrist of the place.

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All the places and relics that are in the mental institution already made an appearance as places or things Marc or Steven came across with in the previous episodes. This made everyone question whether what happened in the past three runs of the show is real. Well, what isn’t real is possibly the mental institution, it is something like the mindscape of Marc and what everyone can see are his thoughts.

As Marc delved deeper into the mental institution, he sees Steven coming out of a sarcophagus and both of them remember being shot by Harrow. As they try to escape, they came across another sarcophagus with someone violent inside, such points to the yet unseen third persona and everyone is rooting that it would be Jake Lockley.

Before they reach the exit, they encounter a hippopotamus dressed in an Egyptian fashion and if you’d see such, you’ll definitely scream like hell just as what Marc and Steven did. She says hi, in a nice way, and they screamed at her. Her appearance in the mental institution indicates that none of that is real. She is Taweret, the goddess of childbirth and fertility, and possibly, she would be the one to revive the titular hero.


Moon Knight Episode 4 is now streaming on Disney Plus where it would be available on the service in the highest streaming quality, 4K. Episode 5 arrives at 3 AM EST on April 27, 2022.

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