Meghan Markle Shock: Prince Harry’s Wife Allegedly Telling Friends Her Husband Is a ‘Shoo-in’ for a Best Spoken Word Award at the Grammys

Credit: The Royal Family/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: The Royal Family/YouTube Screenshot

Meghan Markle is Prince Harry's number one supporter. Even though she took a backseat while her husband was promoting Spare, the Duchess of Sussex was felt throughout the pages of her husband's book because some of his stories are about her.

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Meghan Markle Had Gentle Concerns About Prince Harry's Memoir?

According to The Telegraph, even though Meghan Markle must have supported Prince Harry's memoir from start to finish, she still had some gentle concerns regarding the timing of the book.

"Is this the way she would have approached things? Possibly not. But she will always back him and would never have got involved in promoting such a personal project. This was about his own life, his journey, and his own perspective," a source said.

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Meghan Markle Thinks Prince Harry Can Earn A Grammy Nomination Next Year?

But by the looks of it, Markle's concerns were only fleeting. Now, Daily Mail is claiming that she has been telling friends that Prince Harry is a shoo-in for a Grammy award for the audiobook version of Spare, where he sang his own rendition of Your Song.

"It was Harry's decision to sing Elton John's song in the audiobook. Who knew he could sing? Meghan thinks he's up there with President Obama, who won the same award a few years back," the source said.

But since the nominees for next month's Grammys have already been named, the source said that Markle hopes Prince Harry will be considered in 2024. But on Feb. 5, the Duke of Sussex allegedly could make an appearance as a presenter.

"There's even been talk about Harry appearing on the upcoming Academy Awards as a possible presenter [in March]," the source said.

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Hollywood Loves Prince Harry Because Of His Sense Of Humor?

The publication's source also said that a lot of Americans are rooting for Prince Harry to succeed. After all, they adore him,

"Hollywood loves him. He's got the gift of the gab and a fun sense of humor. He's the one with the star power," the source said.

Prince Harry released an audiobook version of Spare alongside the bestselling memoir earlier this month. Since its release, millions of copies of Spare have already been sold.

The book serves as the Duke of Sussex's first memoir. And during his interview to promote Spare, he revealed that his book was cut in half. He also said that some of the stories that were not included in Spare could've been damaging to King Charles and Prince William.

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