Meghan Markle Shock: Duchess’ Half-Brother Thomas Markle Jr. Reportedly Sides With Samantha Markle? Siblings Still Hoping For A Reconciliation

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Credit: New York Times Events/YouTube Screenshot

Meghan Markle and her half-sister, Samantha Markle, are caught in a new controversy after the latter filed a lawsuit against the former. Samantha is seeking $75,000 in damages and lawyers’ fees amid her allegations that the Duchess of Sussex lied about some of her accounts regarding their family.

According to Samantha, Meghan Markle’s rags to riches story isn’t 100 percent accurate. And it’s not also true that she single-handedly saved herself from poverty by working at a young age because their dad, Thomas Markle Sr., helped her out.

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After the filming, Markle’s lawyer said that they won’t give the lawsuit much attention because it’s just another one of Samantha’s ploys to attack her half-sister.

Now, their brother, Thomas Markle Jr., weighed in on his siblings’ ongoing feud.

Thomas Markle Jr. Supports Samantha Markle’s Lawsuit Against Meghan Markle

During his interview with Closer UK, Thomas Jr. said that he understands where Samantha is coming from. But at the end of the day, the entire Markle family still hopes that there would be reconciliation for everyone.

“I can see where Samantha is coming from here. I’m close with her, we talk every week, and I think there’s a lot of anger there on her part about things Meghan has said about our family. I believe there may have been things said that aren’t right. And so, Samantha is making the decision to defend the family. It’s sad, but Samantha is hoping Meghan will have to face what she’s done,” he said.

Thomas Markle Jr. Hopes To Reconcile With Meghan Markle

Despite all their differences, Thomas Jr. said that he hopes Markle would come back into their lives so that they could also meet their nephew, Archie, and niece, Lilibet Diana.

“A lot has been said and done, but my dad and I now just want to put the negativity behind us. All we can do is wait for Meghan to wake up and realize the family is the most important thing. It’s sad that my dad doesn’t have a relationship with his daughter or his grandkids,” he said.

Thomas Jr. also revealed that he and his dad sometimes talk about Markle because they want to figure what went through her head when she decided to cut ties with them.

“He and I sometimes talk about it all and we try to so hard to work out what Meghan was thinking, why she’s doing what she’s doing, why she gave it all up with the royal family and what her goals are. Hopefully one day we’ll understand,” he said.

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Thomas Markle Jr. Hopes Prince Harry, Meghan Markle Would Attend The Platinum Jubilee

Thomas Jr. also weighed in on Queen Elizabeth’s upcoming Platinum Jubilee and said that he hopes Prince Harry and Markle would attend the event.

“This Jubilee will be an amazing time for not only the royal family but for the whole of the UK. I think the queen is incredible – if Harry doesn’t come back to see his family and celebrate his grandmother, he’ll totally regret it. Harry and Meghan should just put aside the drama for this special time, or use it to make up with everyone. Life’s too short,” he said.

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Thomas Markle Jr. Weighs In On Prince Harry’s Memoir

And when it comes to his brother-in-law, Thomas Jr. only had one hope for Prince Harry and that is for him not be influenced with what he would include in his memoir.

“With money like that, Harry will have to perform, but I really hope he has respect for his family and doesn’t say anything he regrets in the future. He needs to not let anyone – whether that be Meghan or anyone else – persuade him to overstep the mark or go too far. The royals are his family and his blood. I hope he doesn’t alienate himself and Meghan even more and burn even more bridges,” Thomas Jr. concluded.

This isn’t the first that Thomas Jr. spoke about Markle and Prince Harry. During his stint on Celebrity Big Brother, he made some shocking predictions about the couple’s relationship.

Since Markle was previously married to Trevor Engelson, Thomas Jr. claimed that it’s only a matter of time before he also divorces Prince Harry. He later apologized for the comments he made and said that it came from a dark part of his heart.


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