Prince Harry Shock: Meghan Markle’s Husband Reminded He’s Not ‘Normal’ By Prince Andrew? Royals Relationship Revisited

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Credit: ITV News/YouTube Screenshot

Prince Harry and Prince Andrew reportedly have a complicated relationship. Even though they share some similarities, there are reports that the Duke of Sussex doesn’t want to be compared to the Duke of York. Years ago, Prince Harry told The Times that one of his fears is to become boring because royal fans are supporting the younger royals than the ones from his generation.

A source close to Prince Harry claimed that this was his way of saying that he doesn’t want to be like his uncle. After all, Prince Andrew reportedly lost supporters as he got older, and some royal fans also regard him as boring.

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Prince Andrew Told Prince Harry That He Can’t Have A Normal Life

But in 2013, royal author Chris Hutchins wrote in the book, Harry: The People’s Prince that Meghan Markle’s husband had an awkward encounter with Prince Andrew. Since Prince Harry has always been vocal about wanting to lead a normal life, Prince Andrew called him out at one point and reminded him that he will never have a normal life.

“The story goes that [Harry’s] uncle Prince Andrew once told Harry, ‘Look, you’re not normal, so stop trying to be. You’ve got certain responsibilities,’” Prince Andrew reportedly told Prince Harry.

It’s unclear how the Duke of Sussex responded. But the conversation didn’t help in bringing the two royals closer to each other.

Prince Andrew, Prince Harry’s Complicated Relationship Revisited

Six years later, Prince Andrew was accused of publicly shaming Prince Harry after Princess Eugenie’s engagement to Jack Brooksbank was announced. At the time, the dad of two told This Morning that his daughter’s royal wedding won’t be similar to Prince Harry and Markle’s wedding. After all, Princess Eugenie’s nuptials is a family affair, while Prince Harry’s wedding is a public gathering.

The Duke of York also compared the number of guests at his daughter’s wedding with Prince Harry and Markle’s guests.

“There'll be a few more people than most people have. There are a few more than Harry had, but that's just the nature of Eugenie and Jack — they've got so many friends that they need a church of that size to fit them all in,” he said.

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Prince Harry Doesn’t Want To Be Compared To Prince Andrew

Prince Harry doesn’t also like how Prince Andrew treats palace staff. A source told The Sun that the Duke of Sussex was shocked when he heard his uncle lashing out at palace aides.

“I’ve seen him treat his staff in a shocking, appalling way. He’s been incredibly rude to his personal protection officers, literally throwing things on the ground and demanding that they [expletive] pick them up. No social graces at all,” the source said.

Hutchins also compared Prince Andrew and Prince Harry’s upbringing. The latter was reportedly raised by Princess Diana to be respectful toward palace staff. Prince Andrew, on the other hand, had a different approach when dealing with them.

And former royal chef Darren McGrady echoed Hutchins’ sentiments about the Duke of York.

“Andrew always came straight to the point and told you exactly what he wanted. Whereas Harry had been taught to say ‘Please may I have...,’ Andrew would bark, 'Where are my mangoes? I want my mangoes,’” he said.

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Prince Harry Shares A Special Bond With Prince Andrew’s Children

Even though Prince Andrew and Prince Harry are not close, the latter forged a special bond with his uncle’s daughter, Princess Eugenie.

The cousins were recently photographed attending the Super Bowl in Los Angeles. And they also had dinner with Markle at a fancy restaurant after the sports event.

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