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Credit: Marvel Studios

Credit: Marvel Studios

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Marvel's What If..? has shaken the whole storytelling of the MCU for giving us canon alternate realities which could happen somewhere in the timeline and the previous run was such a heartfelt one with T'Challa being the banner character. Episode 3 is about to arrive and here is everything you need to know: the release date and time for your countdown, spoilers, theories, leaks, previews, plots, and more.

Warning! This portion may contain spoilers for Marvel's What If..?. Read at your own risk!

What Happened in Marvel's What If..? Episode 2?

Marvel's What If..? Episode 3 RELEASE DATE and TIME
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Credit: Marvel Studios

In Marvel's What If..?, Episode 2, What If... T'Challa Became a Star-Lord?, the episode started in 1988 with T'Challa talking to T'Chaka, his father, about how much bigger the world is beyond the bubble they surrounded themselves in Wakanda. Being an adventurous child, he went far away from the borders where he was abducted by the Ravagers.

It turns out, Yondu did not fetch the kid himself and entrusted it to Kraglin who clearly kidnapped the wrong child. Fast forward to 20 years, T'Challa is on his way to get the Power Stone Orb, only to encounter Korath the Pursuer who turned out to be a huge fan of Star-Lord. When he successfully got the orb, on his way out, the people of Korath were waiting for him and he said, "a ravager never flies solo," and Yondu kills them all.

We see the ship of Peter Quill colored purple and yellow and the Ravagers went to a bar to celebrate the retrieval of the orb. They took in Korath and we see Thanos, subdued and not so villainous, hang out with them. By the bar, there is Drax who was happy to see T'Challa, claiming that because of him, his family was alive.

Nebula approached T'Challa for a mission wherein they would have to go up against The Collector. In an elaborate heist, they proceed to Knowhere to get the Embers of Genesis. Taneleer Tivan holds such in his collection and he is guarded by the Black Order – Cull Obsidian, Proxima Midnight, Ebony Maw, and Corvus Glaive.

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Upon arriving on Knowhere, Nebula and Yondu proceed to Tivan with T'Challa inside their trolley, and Thanos and Korath would make a distraction outside for them to pull it off. It seems like Nebula crossed them when they were arrested trying to pay off a debt to The Collector with T'Challa as payment. However, it turns out such was the plan all along.

T'Challa found a Wakandan ship with a message from his father that he has been missing for years and that they will search throughout the universe to find him. He felt betrayed as Yondu lied to him that his hometown was destroyed. In the collection, he also interacted with Howard the Duck and even saw Cosmo the Spacedog whom he brought with him later in the episode.

Marvel's What If..? Episode 3 RELEASE DATE and TIME 1
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Credit: Marvel Studios

Nebula was able to get the Embers of Genesis and as they escape, T'Challa was left in the hands of The Collector, with only Yondu as help. They formulate a plan to defeat Tivan who has in his collection the helmet of Hela. Together, they were able to defeat him and lock him up in one of his enclosures, left to fend from his prisoners. As for the other Ravagers, Thanos fought off Cull Obsidian and Proxima Midnight, and Nebula threw some seeds of the Embers of Genesis on Cull.

As all of them were able to escape, T'Challa comes back to his homeplace, Wakanda, where his family was really happy upon his return. However, somewhere on Earth, Ego met with his real child, Peter Quill, in a branch of Dairy Queen.

Marvel's What If..? Episode 3 Theories, Spoilers, and Leaks

Marvel's What If..? Episode 3 RELEASE DATE and TIME 2
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Credit: Marvel Studios

Marvel's What If..? Episode 3 is expected to delve into the story of Loki ruling the Earth or possibly Asgard as well. It is his story reimagined and it is expected that his brother, Thor, will show up in the episode also. The whole episode will focus on "What If… the World Lost its Mightiest Heroes?"

As for the second episode, the ending was a real cliffhanger which means there is more to the story than this episode. While the people have mixed feelings as to Thanos being a good guy, it's refreshing to see him on the other side of the coin and play one of the good ones. We even see a happy version of Drax who never lost his family because of T'Challa.

As for the collection of Taneleer Tivan, it was shown that he has a copy of the shield of Captain America and the Mjolnir of Thor among the weapons he had, he even wore the helmet of Hela. Seriously, where did he got those weapons?

Where to Watch Marvel's What If..? Episode 3?

Disney+ exclusively streams Marvel's What If..? along with all the other Marvel series released or upcoming as announced for Phase Four of the MCU. The series is rated TV-14. Disney+ also has the series available in 4k for better viewing.

When is the Release Date and Time of Marvel's What If..? Episode 3?

Marvel's What If..? Episode 3 RELEASE DATE and TIME 4
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Credit: Marvel Studios

Marvel's What If..? Episode 3 will be made available next week, August 25, 2021, at 3 AM exclusively on Disney+.

Marvel's What If..? Episode 3 Countdown

Marvel's What If..? Episode 3


Another episode, another alternate reality being told. Marvel's What If..? surely is a promising series, to begin with as it shakes up the way the stories are translated. Let's see how Loki rules in the next episode!

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