What If...? Fans are Emotional Over Chadwick Boseman's Final MCU Appearance

Warning: if you haven't seen the latest episode of What If...?, this article contains spoilers so read at your own risk.

Fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe were glued to their streaming devices for the second episode of Marvel Studios' What If...? which sees T'Challa suffer the fate Peter Quill did in the main timeline and become Star-Lord. The episode is one emotional roller coaster as it marks Chadwick Boseman's final MCU appearance and as confirmed by the studio itself, the animated series was the last project he did in the franchise before his untimely death last year.

What If...?'s Episode 2 was pretty entertaining overall and had its fair share of surprises – from T'Challa and Nebula teaming up against The Collector to a certain villain (we'll get to that one in a separate article) becoming a surprising ally for Yondu and the Ravagers. But despite all the jaw-dropping moments, it was clear from the get-go that the episode has put the spotlight on T'Challa himself, and rightfully so. It pretty much serves not only as a homecoming but a farewell to the late actor.

As fans were watching the episode, they couldn't help but feel emotional, and quite frankly, hearing Chadwick's voice one final time in the MCU hits you right in the feels. Check out some of the reactions here:

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I couldn't think of a better way for Marvel Studios to throw a proper send-off for the one and only Chadwick Boseman and as a bonafide Marvel fan myself, I'm glad he agreed to take on the project before he left. If you haven't seen it yet, you're definitely missing out because not only was it better than the first episode, it was truly an emotional thrill ride that will pull your heartstrings and even make you well up. Long live the King indeed.

What If...? is already streaming on Disney+.

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