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Credit: Marvel Studios

Credit: Marvel Studios

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The arrival of Marvel's What If..? definitely shook the minds of everyone as it gave us an alternate reality with Peggy Carter donning the shield as she got the super-soldier serum. With the canon show being an anthology, Episode 2 is going to have a different story with known characters in a different situation. She is everything you need to know: the release date and time for your countdown, spoilers, theories, leaks, previews, plots, and more.

Warning! This portion may contain spoilers for Marvel's What If..?. Read at your own risk!

What Happened in Marvel's What If..? Episode 1?

In Marvel's What If..?, Episode 1, What If… Captain Carter Were The First Avenger?, Uatu introduced that the universe is not as it seems with various alternate realities branching out. One of which is Peggy Carter being the first Avenger, receiving the super-soldier serum, and facing Hydra.

It was supposed to be Steve, but after an explosion happened, Carter knew that she had to get into the chamber since he was shot, rendering him unfit for the procedure. Once Howard Stark knew there was no time, they had it done, and we finally see her become a super-soldier. In the 40s, women were disregarded and treated less than men, our heroine proved them all wrong.

She went after Hydra's convoy to get Arnim Zola and she single-handedly took down a whole battalion. She saved the 107th infantry held captive, despite the Howling Commandos and other soldiers doubting her for being a woman, she showed them what she is capable of, and after that, we saw Steve coming in for help, this time, being inside the Hydra Stomper since he remained to be scrawny.

Marvel's What If..? Episode 2 RELEASE DATE and TIME
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Credit: Marvel Studios
Marvel's What If..? Episode 2 RELEASE DATE and TIME
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Credit: Marvel Studios

The iconic train scene was there, as well, and no, Bucky did not fall off the train, well, almost, but Carter got to him in time, even joking she could've taken his arm off. In the process, they thought they lost Steve in the Hydra Stomper when the load of the train exploded. Stark's genius proved useful as he claimed the suit was indestructible, which is true, as Steve survived.

They plan to take out Hydra and as their final blow, they attacked the castle where they would be running tests on the Tesseract. Red Skull was proud, at first, as they summoned a real hydra, but they easily faced their demise from the monster. To prevent it from doing any more harm, Stark had to close the portal but with the monster keeping it open, Peggy had to push it through, resulting in her being sucked together with it.

The promise Peggy left to Steve was a dance, and when the portal re-opened, 70 years have passed and it was Nick Fury and Clint Barton waiting for her on the other end.

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Marvel's What If..? Episode 2 Theories, Spoilers, and Leaks

Episode 2 will definitely have a different story. It would be about Yondu fetching the wrong kid from Earth, that instead of getting Peter Quill, he took T'Challa and trained him to be part of the Ravagers.

Still, Carter's episode holds a lot of easter eggs and theories which could come back in the future: first up, Bucky Barnes. We all know Bucky would be another super soldier being the Winter Soldier, however, he was retrieved by Hydra when he fell off the train. In the episode, he didn't, but he left a foreboding message that his arm could've come off of his body, possibly hinting that it's still bound to happen.

Another is the appearance of Fury and Barton, they were essential to the creation of the Avengers. Could it be Carter that would lead the team? What happened to Steve and the Hydra Stomper, and speaking of which, isn't it almost the same as Mark 1 of Iron Man? Could Howard Stark have made the suit before his son even began working on it?

Where to Watch Marvel's What If..? Episode 2?

Disney+ exclusively streams Marvel's What If..? along with all the other Marvel series released or upcoming as announced for Phase Four of the MCU. The series is rated TV-14. Disney+ also has the series available in 4k for better viewing.

When are the Release Date and Time of Marvel's What If..? Episode 2?

Marvel's What If..? Episode 2 RELEASE DATE and TIME 3
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Credit: Marvel Studios

Marvel's What If..? Episode 2 will be made available next week, August 18, 2021, at 3 AM EST exclusively on Disney+.

Marvel's What If..? Episode 2 Countdown

Marvel's What If..? Episode 2


Marvel's What If..? Episode 2 will arrive in a week with another interesting story and though the episodes may seem unconnected to each other, everyone, this is Marvel, everything is definitely connected!

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