Marvel Fans Want Captain America to Have a Boyfriend, Campaign Hits Twitter by Storm

Among the many pretty heavy things that Captain America: Civil War introduced viewers to, it's Scarlet Witch budding romance with the Vision's that many comic book fans are very excited to see unfold in future MCU films. Apparently though, according to the internet, there's another romance introduced in the movie that most viewers probably noticed, but many failed to see – Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes' bromance.

Now, the people on the internet have gone into a frenzy showing their support over this relationship, using the hashtag #GiveCaptainAmericaABoyfriend in their Tweets featuring photos of Cap and Bucky seemingly in love.

The campaign began trending earlier this week and it really isn't a surprise. Bucky and Steve's friendship has been featured and has developed across all Captain America films. It's no wonder if their relationship blossoms and the two would decide to actually get together. Steve is even shown willing to risk his life for Bucky a number of times throughout the Captain America movies.

There's one problem though. In Civil War, Steve was shown kissing Sharon Carter/Agent 13 (Emily VanCamp), who is Steve's ex-girlfriend Peggy Carter's niece.

Well, obviously, supporters of the hashtag #GiveCaptainAmericaABoyfriend doesn't care for that. They just want Cap and Bucky to let it go.

Check out some of the amusing tweets by fans of the bromance:

Then again, it can't be helped that the campaign would have its share of detractors, most of which are Marvel die-hards. Their tweets went:

Personally, whatever Steve Rogers and Bucky's preference, I fully support them. As long as their hearts and heads are in their right places and they get to save people from the bad guys, I'm all for their happiness.

It's worth noting that this campaign comes at the heels of another similar petition. Earlier this month, Frozen fans also petitioned on Twitter to "Give Elsa A Girlfriend." Disney hasn't made any comments on the matter, but Idina Menzel, who voiced the lead character Elsa in the film, has said she "thinks it's great."

I wonder how Chris Evans and Sebastian Stan would react to their Marvel characters' bromance campaign.

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