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Marvel Congratulates Avatar for Defeating Avengers: Endgame Box Office Record

There is little doubt that Avatar was going to reclaim its throne as the top-grossing film of all time when it got a re-release in China this weekend. Amazingly, Marvel doesn't seem to mind as the studio congratulates the James Cameron flick for defeating Avengers: Endgame.

It was previously confirmed that Avatar would get a surprise re-release in China. The film's return to theaters was requested by the country's Film Bureau as China has now started opening its cinemas in the wake of COVID-19. Not surprisingly, audiences eagerly descended into theaters to watch the sci-fi film, which has now earned $8.9 million since its Friday release.

That $8.9 million was enough to push Avatar's overall earnings to $2,798,579,794. Although Endgame fans were not impressed, Marvel was quick to pay tribute to the movie in a tweet. Check it out below.

It's great to see that Marvel Studios is being very supportive of Avatar, which could earn even more before the weekend is over. We'll keep you updated on the numbers soon.

Avatar was released in 2009 but it brought in a worldwide box office haul of $2,749,064,328 the following year. The film would be re-released later in 2010, cementing its claim as the top-grossing movie of all time. The record was broken by Endgame, which took in $2,797,501,328 in 2019.

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The renewed success of Avatar could mean that fans are still very enthusiastic about the movie and could confirm that the upcoming sequels will experience a similar triumph. However, moviegoers will have to wait another year to see the new Avatar films.

Avatar is currently screening in theaters in China. Avatar 2 is scheduled for release on December 16, 2022.

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