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Marvel Casting Process Revealed by Eternals Star Kit Harrington

The Marvel Cinematic Universe nearly nails every casting they make for a character that it is almost as if the actor they hire is synonymous to the role they land. But behind the scenes, there surely is a tedious process of choosing who to play a certain part and for Game of Thrones alumnus Kit Harrington, he shared how he got picked to star in Eternals as Dane Whitman.

Marvel Casting Process Revealed by Eternals Star Kit Harrington
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Credit: Marvel Studios
Marvel Casting Process Revealed by Eternals Star Kit Harrington

If there is some kind of security that one will be in the industry longer than expected, an involvement in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is one way to make sure that prolongs one’s tenure in the business as the huge franchise ensures that the actors who play a role, more or less, holds on to it for more than one engagement. For Kit Harrington, he landed Dane Whitman’s character which has a bright future into becoming Black Knight.


While it has been clear that his transformation to being Black Knight will not happen in Eternals, that just means that his character will have another involvement somewhere in the future of the MCU for him to finally own such role. He plays a vital part in the narrative of Eternals and in an interview with The Playlist, he revealed the casting process of Marvel.

According to Harrington, first, he got a call from Kevin Feige a year before he got the call about the Eternals and he got the pitch about the next phase of the MCU and that he would have a place in it at some point. He said, kind of flattered, “And they had me in mind and that was an exciting meeting to take.”

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Second, the call arrives, Harrington shared, “And then I got a call about this movie from Nate [Moore], the producer, and I met with Chloe and they talked me through what this was about and the role that I’d fit into playing within it. And on that information, I said, 'Yeah, I’d love to do that. Thank you.”

While it was not deliberately stated that there was more for Dane Whitman in the MCU, Harrington pointed out that he assumed a future for his character, "No, not really. Just to sort of, what you see in this movie is what I read or was told about. And I assumed that there could be a future there for me and it looks like it could be an interesting one. So, that’s why I jumped at it really."

Who would not assume, right? Considering who vast the MCU is and how characters turn up in various ways like how Darcy got into WandaVision starting from Thor or anyone who turned out in some way in the MCU that is totally unexpected.

See the debut of Kit Harrington in the MCU as Dane Whitman on Eternals in theaters on November 5, 2021.