The 10 Amazing Manga That Are Getting an Anime in 2024

Amazing Manga that are Getting an Anime Dungeon Meshi

Amazing Manga that are Getting an Anime Dungeon Meshi

2024 will be a fantastic year for anime fans! Aside from the return of Demon Slayer and My Hero Academia, everyone can look forward to these 10 amazing manga that are getting an anime in 2024!

A lot of hype is in the air as popular manga titles are getting animated one after another, especially in 2024!

Please note that upcoming anime sequels will not be included in this list.

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  1. Chained Soldier

    Chained Soldier is set in a world where women who eat a resource called peach reign supreme.

    When women eat peaches, they are given supernatural powers to defeat monsters known as Shuuki, which come from another dimension.

    The anime revolves around Yuuki Wakura, a human-turned-slave for Kyouka Uzen, the commander of the Seventh Squad of the Demon Defense Force.

    Kyouka has the power to enslave Shuuki, but at that particular time, Yuuki has to be enslaved instead.

    Eventually, Yuuki joins Kyouka’s squad, and together they fight Shuuki while understanding the mystery of Mato, the gates to another dimension.

  2. Tales of Wedding Rings

    How far will you go for the woman you love? In Tales of Wedding Rings, Sato follows the love of his life, Hime, in another realm. He is good friends with Hime, but he fell hard for her, so he did the unthinkable!

    There’s nothing that will separate Sato from Hime, so he decides to crash Hime’s wedding by stealing a kiss from her!

    Unbeknownst to Sato, Hime is a ring princess, and her husband has been destined to be a hero. The Ring King is said to be a hero of immense power, but will Sato be able to live up to expectations?

  3. The Foolish Angel Dances with the Devil

    In this supernatural and rom-com anime, Masatora Akutsu is on a mission to recruit charming and charismatic humans to boost the morale of Hell.

    After the war with Heaven, Hell is at a disadvantage, and the only way the demon Akutsu knows to solve this problem is to go undercover on Earth.

    As soon as Akutsu becomes a high school student, he falls in love with the beautiful Lily Amane, who is an undercover angel on a mission to hunt and defeat demons.

    Naturally, Amane fights Akutsu, and the latter loses. Now, Akutsu has a collar on his neck, and he becomes Amane’s tool to reform Heaven instead. What will happen to Akutsu?

  4. A Sign of Affection

    A Sign of Affection is a romance anime that features an adult cast. It follows Yuki, a deaf college student who only knows how to communicate with sign language and her phone.

    One day, Yuki stumbles upon a foreigner who asks her for directions, which causes her to panic.

    Thankfully, a handsome guy named Itsuomi appears to help Yuki out. He knows how to speak three languages, and since then, he has become drawn to Yuki.

    Will they have a happy ending, or will they only hurt themselves in the end?

  5. The Witch and the Beast

    Wherever a witch goes, only curses and disasters follow—this is Ashaf and Guideau’s creed of life. They are both in search of the witch, a horrifying ruler who holds powerful magic through her tattooed body.

    While Ashaf is a soft-spoken man who has a coffin strapped to his back, Guideau is a violent girl who wants to exact vengeance on the witch who cursed her.

    The people, on the other hand, have been conditioned by the witch since they look up to her as their hero.

    Will Ashaf and Guideau be able to get their revenge and fix this mess?

  6. 'Tis Time for "Torture," Princess

    What happens when regular torture is prohibited? Well, Torture Tortura employs an unconventional method instead, which is to entice her interrogation target with appetizing and irresistible foods and snacks!

    After the princess of the Human World’s Kingdom has been captured, Torture Tortura tries her best to interrogate the princess and spill the imperial army’s secrets.

    The princess, unfortunately, is a food lover who easily gives in to the temptation of foods and snacks from Japanese culture. What will happen to the princess?

  7. Mr. Villain’s Day Off

    We each have different likes and interests, and the evil supervillain known as the General is no exception.

    On the surface, the dastardly villain only plans to take over the world, but on his days off, he goes to Earth only to observe his beloved pandas at a local zoo.

    He also hangs out in ice cream shops to try different flavors one after the other!

    What will happen when he gets caught in the act, not by one of his kind but by the Ranger hero who is adamant about saving the Earth?

  8. Dungeon Meshi

    If you like playing Dungeons & Dragons, you’ll learn to love Dungeon Meshi or Delicious in Dungeon.

    In this comedy, fantasy, and gourmet manga, a group of adventurers embark on a quest to save their fallen comrade, Falin, from being swallowed by a high-level dungeon dragon.

    Falin sacrificed herself to teleport the swordsman Laios, the locksmith Chilchuck, the spellcaster Marcille, and two other adventurers out of danger.

    To save Falin, Laois, Chilchuck, and Marcille have to go back to the dungeon with limited supplies and equipment.

    The only way for them to survive and sustain themselves is to find food in the dungeon, even if it means cooking and eating monsters every single day.

  9. Wind Breaker

    If you love Tokyo Revengers, you will also love Wind Breaker. It is an action anime with a delinquent theme that follows Haruka Sakura, a young man with unique features.

    Both sides of his hair and his eyes are of different colors, making him look like a natural delinquent.

    Haruka has no choice but to own his look and stand at the top of Furin High, a school with the lowest average scores but the strongest fighters.

    All kinds of failure gather in Furin High, including Sakura, who’s not interested in the weak or becoming a hero.

  10. Kaiju No. 8

    We saw Kaneki Ken become a ghoul in Tokyo Ghoul, and we also saw Eren turn into a Titan in Attack on Titan, but this time, we’re about to see Kafka Hibino turn into a Kaiju in Kaiju No. 8!

    In this hit adventure and sci-fi manga series written and illustrated by Naoya Matsumoto, Kafka Hibino aspires to become a member of the Defense Force tasked with fighting Kaiju.

    However, after failing the examinations, Kafka becomes a part of the clean-up crew instead.

    That’s when Kafka comes across a small Kaiju, which finds its way to his body through his mouth!

    As a result, Kafka gains the ability to transform into a Kaiju. At the same time, Kafka applies with Reno Ichikawa in the Defense Force while keeping his abilities secret.

There are a lot more manga-turned-anime that will air in 2024, so keep an eye out for future updates!

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