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The 8 Best Anime Based on Manhwa

The Best Anime Based on Manhwa Noblesse Cadis Etrama Di Raizel

Like manga, manhwa may not have received that much attention before, but lately, things have changed. Manhwa’s growing popularity in the pop culture scene has led to several of its stories getting anime adaptations. So, we have created a list of the best anime based on manhwa you should check out now!

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  1. When I Woke Up I Became a Bagel Girl

    When I Woke Up I Became a Bagel Girl follows Bong Gi, who always dreamed of doing something good with his life. However, certain things happened and he is now far from his goal.

    He is lazy, fat, unemployed, and feels like he is unlovable. In reality, people don’t find him attractive and are even grossed out by his sheer presence.

    Bong never had any girlfriend and now spends most of his late nights lusting about women he came across on the internet.

    He hates his life and the only escape he has is his online life as a gamer.

    After one of his long nights of gaming, he wakes up to find that he has turned into a woman.

    Interestingly, he looks exactly like one of the women he fantasizes about in the online world.

    He is confused and looks for answers online. On one of the forums, he comes across a young woman named Sae Mi who shares a few pearls of wisdom.

    Bong falls for her and things get complicated when he decides to confront a school bully named Sang Woo who happens to be Sae Mi's older brother.

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  2. True Beauty

    A Webtoon series that came out in English in August 2018, True Beauty is all about romance, makeup, and secrets.

    Lim Jugyeong is a middle schooler who is tired of her unattractive looks, so she decides to transform her appearance using makeup.

    She kicks things off with lip tint, BB cream, and eyeliner, and soon starts experimenting with colored contacts, mascara, and double eyelid glue.

    Soon after using makeup, she goes from a regular-looking girl who is bullied by her peers to a middle school diva.

    Lim garnered a cult-like following as she gets surrounded by people who are in love with her beauty.

    Lim now leads a stress-free life at school and all she needs to do is hide her real face.

    Things change after the arrival of a new transfer student named Lee Suho. Like Lim, Lee, too, gets immensely popular because of his good looks.

    However, Lee also happens to be the only person who knows Lim’s secret.

    Now with her reputation at stake, Lim needs to find a way to hide the truth from the rest of her peers.

    As she starts spending more time with Lee, she starts to question what really is the true meaning of beauty.

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  3. Ragnarok the Animation

    This anime is not essentially based on a manhwa but it draws inspiration from the MMORPG Ragnarok Online, which is based on the manhwa.

    A young swordsman named Roan, and his trusted companion, Yufa, are up against a great evil that has engulfed the realm.

    Together, the duo travels from the highest towers to the very depths of the underworld.

    Roan and Yufa pass through deserts and forests and meet several heroes.

    On this treacherous journey, Roan and his band of heroes are presented with several challenges that they need to overcome.

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  4. Blade of the Phantom Master

    Based on a manhwa that is heavily influenced by Korean folklore and mythology, Blade of the Phantom Master is set in a country called Jyushin.

    Royal inspectors disguise themselves as scruffy travelers and move through towns to find corrupt officials and punish them for their crimes.

    However, Jyushin has fallen and the world is corrupt. They no longer answer the cry for help from people who are down and out.

    But there is one royal inspector who still roams the vast lands.

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  5. Timing

    This anime movie is based on a Webtoon of the same name. Timing follows the mystery surrounding a series of suicides in one of Seoul’s high schools.

    Park Ja-gi, a teacher at this school, is able to foresee a major catastrophe in his dreams. Despite being a shaman’s son, he doesn’t believe in mysticism.

    In his dream, he saw several people all set to jump off from the rooftop of the school building, and he attempts to stop them from dying by suicide.

    There are also folks around him who possess special powers.

    One such person is Kim Yeong-tak, a student who has the ability to stop time.

    Meanwhile, Kang Min-hyeok can go back 10 seconds in time but he carries the heavy burden of being unable to save his own wife and kid.

    And then there is Jang Se-yun who can foresee 10 minutes into the future.

    Together, they form a squad and use their powers to stop the catastrophe.

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  6. Noblesse

    The Noblesse named Cadis Etrama di Raizel, or Rai, gets enrolled in Ye Ran High School by Frankenstein, who is his trusted servant.

    Frankenstein wants to hide Rai from the Union, a sinister organization that is after Rai’s life.

    Rai starts his life as a student and gets acquainted with human life.

    He starts living a peaceful life, however, things go south when his friends get in trouble because of the Union, and he is forced to save them.

    Elsewhere, a rogue Union agent named M-21 joins Ye Ran High School’s security staff and is recruited by the school director who is none other than Frankenstein.

    M-21 appears as a good employee, but he is still stuck with the Union and might have to face the consequences for backstabbing the organization.

    The matters get complicated when Nobles Seira J. Loyard and Regis K. Landegre join the school to keep an eye on the Noblesse.

    Meanwhile, the Union decides to launch a manhunt to bring in M-21 and extract intel concerning their missing agents.

    In all this mess, Rai must keep his identity hidden for the sake of his loved ones.

  7. Tower of God

    Tower of God is about a tower that summons people known as Regulars and promises to fulfill their wishes.

    They can wish for wealth, authority, fame, or something absolutely bizarre and powerful.

    Meanwhile, Bam is a boy who has only known the darkness of a cave and is far from seeing the light.

    However, his life changes when a girl name Rachel appears before him.

    As he spends more time with her, he learns several things about the outside world.

    One day, Rachel tells him that she has decided to climb the Tower of God, and he is shattered.

    Bam then decides to follow her and climb the tower without realizing how difficult it is.

    However, Bam is not the chosen one, which makes him an Irregular, but he vows to climb the Tower of God and reunite with Rachel.

  8. The God of High School

    The God of High School centers around the titular tournament that aims to look for talented and gifted fighters among high school students in Korea.

    In this tournament, all styles of martial arts and any kind of weapons or powers are allowed. The winner of the fighting tournament will get one wish fulfilled.

    Jin Mo-ri, a taekwondo practitioner, is called to participate in the event.

    At the tournament, Jin becomes friends with Han Dae-wi, a karate expert, and Yu Mi-ra, a swordswoman.

    Both Han and Yu entered the competition due to personal reasons.

    Jin is aware that this is a ruthless tournament and that his opponents will be extremely powerful. However, Jin is excited to face tough fighters.

    Unbeknownst to the participants, there is a dark side to the tournament.

    Its mastermind is a Korean politician named Park Mu-jin, who is closely following the matches and the key players.

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