Delicious in Dungeon Confirms January Premiere Date and Netflix Release

Delicious in Dungeon Anime Release Date
Credit: Trigger

Delicious in Dungeon Anime Release Date
Credit: Trigger

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Get ready to embark on a tasty and adventurous journey with the highly anticipated fantasy anime adaptation of Delicious in Dungeon. Here are all the details about the Delicious in Dungeon anime's release date, and more!

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Delicious in Dungeon Latest Updates

Ahead of the Delicious in Dungeon premiere in January 2024, the anime will hold advanced theatrical screenings in Japan.

Beginning December 8, 2023, fans in Japan may watch the anime on the big screen for three weeks.

Fans who attend these advanced screenings may win three different prizes each week.

In the first week, the attendees received an 80-page booklet featuring an original manga illustrated by Ryoko Kui.

During the second week, the participants will get a mini replica of the animation production envelope and an original picture postcard.

Fans attending the screening in the third week will get a 6-inch shikishi board with an illustration by Kui.

Delicious in Dungeon: A Fantasy Series With a Unique Premise

Marcille Delicious in Dungeon
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Delicious in Dungeon is a fantasy series revolving around a young adventurer named Laios.

One day, a crazy magician sinks the Golden Kingdom underground.

The king of the Golden Kingdom appears and promises that he will give away all of his treasure to anyone who is able to defeat the insane magician.

Several guilds start getting into the dungeon looking for the magician. And eventually, Laios and his guild members enter the dungeon and come across a dragon.

Unfortunately, the dragon defeats them and even eats his sister, Falin.

Even after losing all of their supplies and food, Laios, Marcille, and Chilchuk head back into the dungeon.

They are determined to fight the dragon and rescue Falin before she is digested by the beast.

Since they don’t have any supplies, Laios suggests they consume the taboo monster meat to survive.

From slimes to dragons, no one will be spared by these culinary masters.

Delicious in Dungeon Release Date Confirmed

Delicious in Dungeon anime release date
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The Delicious in Dungeon anime is confirmed to premiere on January 4, 2024, in Japan. The anime is scheduled to air for two consecutive cours from January to June 2024.

Delicious in Dungeon Staff and Cast

Delicious in Dungeon Marcille
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A newly released trailer announces three additional cast members who are joining the main cast of the anime series.

Here are the official cast members of Delicious in Dungeon:

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Meanwhile, here is the Japanese staff of Delicious in Dungeon:

Where to Watch Delicious in Dungeon

Delicious in Dungeon Anime Where to Watch
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The Delicious in Dungeon anime is confirmed to stream internationally on Netflix upon its release in early January 2024.

The streaming platform giant is slowly becoming home to some great anime titles, and Delicious in Dungeon is expected to strengthen its catalog further.

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Delicious in Dungeon Trailer

Aside from confirming the Delicious in Dungeon anime's release date, the latest trailer also features new footage and highlights more of the characters and their culinary adventures.

It also previews the anime's ending theme song titled Party!! by the Japanese band Ryokuoushoku Shakai who also performed the OP for The Apothecary Diaries.

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