13 Manga that are Better than their Anime

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Manga that are Better than their Anime

Most anime, if not all considering that some are anime original, are based on either light novels or manga. There are also light novels that were adapted into manga which eventually evolved into anime. Since the manga is the original work, there are manga that are better than their anime adaptation.

The reason for this is that some anime change the flow of the story, add scenes, or even introduce a new character that is not found in the manga. These changes could greatly affect the series and the intended message of the creator.

Below are some examples.

  1. One Punch Man

    The first season of One Punch Man made anime lovers and manga readers happy. But once the anime was moved to a different studio, it appeared that the quality of the show and its content were greatly affected. This made viewers of the show tune in to the manga instead.

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  2. Tokyo Ghoul

    As one of the best-selling seinen manga, Tokyo Ghoul's anime had great expectations from supporters of the story.

    While the anime did have great visuals, it felt like it was trying to squeeze all information into one episode.

    Characters were killed without emotional weight and the time skip was just too big that anime viewers would be surprised by the jump.

  3. Akame Ga Kill

    Akame Ga Kill made a good start, especially in catching the attention of potential viewers. But after some time, the main point of the story was lost as the series failed to keep up with the concept which is blood and gore.

    The plot worsens as the story continues, which disappointed a lot of viewers.

  4. The Way of the Househusband

    Like the rest of the anime mentioned here, The Way of the Househusband is an interesting manga. But once it was adapted into an anime, the story fell apart.

    There was a lack of animation and the timing ruined the jokes. It will feel as if the viewer is looking at a presentation of the manga.

  5. The Promised Neverland

    Season one of The Promised Neverland made viewers hooked to the story. But when season two was released, everything changed.

    A lot of aspects of the story were missing, like the terror, clever plans, and even the main point of the story. It was disappointing, especially for those who waited for the sequel to be released.

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  6. The Flowers of Evil

    While some shows did poorly in the interpretation of the series, The Flowers of Evil failed at its chosen style.

    The 3D animation was not approved by the supporters of the show as it felt experimental. The art style also ruined the original approach of the series.

  7. A Silent Voice

    While A Silent Voice received a lot of love from anime and non-anime viewers, there are still points of the story that is better than the manga.

    There are details that were skipped that lessened the emotional impact of the series. To fill in the gaps, it would be better to read the manga.

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  8. Black Butler

    A lot of manga fans looked forward to the anime version of Black Butler. The first season did not disappoint but the same cannot be said for the second season.

    The sequel made huge changes in the story with the direction not making any sense anymore.

  9. Fullmetal Alchemist

    Fullmetal Alchemist is one of the most-watched series. While the series tried its best to stick to the original content, there was a lack of creativity in the anime.

    The pacing felt rushed and lacked a thorough consideration of how the story will flow.

  10. Vampire Knight

    There is just some manga that don’t need an anime adaptation. The case was the same with Vampire Knight.

    The adapted version had strange animation and conversations that ruined the whole point of the series. The anime didn’t get a sequel so interested viewers will have no choice but to read the manga.

  11. Blue Exorcist

    One of the many reasons to read the manga of Blue Exorcist is that the anime left with a cliffhanger with no news to continue anytime soon. Those who wish to know what happens next should refer to the manga instead.

    There are also some differences between the two, making the adaption confusing.

  12. Seven Deadly Sins

    Season one and two of the series increased the fandom of Seven Deadly Sins. But when season 3 came, the show almost lost its popularity. The animation and approach of the series turned upside down.

    Season 4 tried to relieve the impact with its animation, but it was nothing like the first two seasons.

  13. Bleach

    Those who have read the Bleach manga would feel that there was no justice to the original content. The anime was mostly filler that could ruin the canon story.

    Even the production quality was bad, which totally lost the amazing art of Kubo. The series just felt dragging which is quite disappointing.

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