One-Punch Man Season 3: Studio, Trailer & Everything We Know So Far!

One Punch Man Season 3 Release Date News Saitama
Credit: Yusuke Murata / Shueisha / Hero Association Headquarters

One Punch Man Season 3 Release Date News Saitama
Credit: Yusuke Murata / Shueisha / Hero Association Headquarters

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Fans have had to wait nearly five years for more One-Punch Man. Thankfully, the wait might soon be over. Here's everything that has been confirmed about One-Punch Man Season 3 so far!

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One-Punch Man Season 3's Initial Announcement & New Teaser

One-Punch Man Season 3 Poster
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Credit: Yusuke Murata / Shueisha / Hero Association Headquarters

After years of speculation surrounding the fate of the anime adaptation, One-Punch Man Season 3 was officially announced in August 2022 through the anime's official Twitter/X account.

The initial announcement was particularly vague. While a teaser visual was released, there was no word on when it might arrive, who would be directing it, or what studio would even be working on it!

Plenty of rumours circulated between that initial announcement and the latest teaser trailer – which you can see below – released in February 2024.

Fans will be hoping Season 3 is worth the wait but, at least for now, we have a better idea of what to expect.

What Will One-Punch Man Season 3 Be About?

One-Punch Man is an action-comedy anime that follows Saitama. Once an ordinary salaryman, he went into extreme training for three years and now lives out his full-time hobby of being a hero.

His city and its people are always being threatened by monsters, so there is plenty of work for him. The problem is that Saitama’s power is too strong, defeating every opponent with just one punch and leaving him unsatisfied.

Saitama crosses paths with a young cyborg who wishes to be his disciple and introduces him to the Hero Association which is full of certified heroes.

Shocked that nobody actually knows who he is, Saitama joins the group in search of the thrill that he once lost.

One Punch Man Season 3 Saitama
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One-Punch Man is based on the manga of the same name, which itself is based on a webcomic written by ONE.

Seasons one and two adapted around the first 17 volumes of the manga, and season three will likely continue the story where they left off, with the focus on the Hero Association’s efforts against the Monster Association.

How much One-Punch Man Season 3 will cover will depend on the length of the season. However, there are plenty of highly-anticipated fights between the Hero and Monster Associations that fans are looking forward to!

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One-Punch Man Season 3's Studio Confirmed

One Punch Man Season 3 Studio J.C.Staff
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It has now been officially confirmed that J.C.Staff will be the studio behind One-Punch Man Season 3, continuing from their work on the second season.

J.C.Staff's involvement may surprise some, as many rumours were suggesting a new studio would take over the series.

The first season of One-Punch Man was produced by Madhouse. The highly-respected anime studio has continued to produce huge anime since, including the Overlord series and fantasy hit Frieren.

While J.C.Staff is another big studio, the animation in One-Punch Man Season 2 was largely criticised by fans.

That dissatisfaction, combined with the incredibly long time between announcements, fuelled speculation about a studio change.

There were even some rumours that One-Punch Man Season 3 might be animated by MAPPA, perhaps due to how they've picked up other action series from rival studios, most notably Attack on Titan and Vinland Saga.

However, the One-Punch Man Season 3 teaser trailer confirmed that J.C.Staff will be continuing their work on the series. Will the third season see an improvement as far as fans are concerned?

Out of the staff announcements seen so far, there are no notable changes. Tomohiro Suzuki continues on series composition, with Chikashi Kubota returning on character design and Makoto Miyazaki on music.

Interestingly, no director has been confirmed for One-Punch Man Season 3. The second season director Chikara Sakurai's only piece of notable direction since that series was 2022's Shenmue the Animation.

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The teaser trailer also confirmed that Makoto Furukawa will return to voice Saitama in One-Punch Man Season 3, alongside Hikaru Midorikawa as Garou.

One-Punch Man Season 3 Release Date News & Predictions

One Punch Man Season 3 Release Date
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While One-Punch Man Season 3 is official, there is no definitive release date set yet.

The initial August 2022 announcement revealed that the season is in production. However, there were no further announcements on the series until the teaser in February 2024.

While said teaser delivered news on Season 3's studio and staff, there was very little beyond that.

Given that there's still not a release window announced, and the slow nature of this adaptation so far, we wouldn't expect to see One-Punch Man Season 3 until Fall 2024 at the earliest.

Where to Watch One-Punch Man Season 3: Streaming Predictions

One Punch Man Season 3 Where to Watch Prediction
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It is yet to be confirmed where One-Punch Man Season 3 can be watched, but it will likely be available for most viewers on Crunchyroll.

One-Punch Man Season 3 should be available on Crunchyroll as the streaming service currently hosts episodes from the first two seasons.

A third season could also appear on Netflix in the future, as that platform does have episodes in certain regions.

We can’t wait to see what happens with One-Punch Man Season 3! When there is any more news on a release date or window, we’ll update this page.

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