Made in Abyss Whistle Rankings Explained

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Made in Abyss Whistle Rankings Explained
Credit: Kinema Citrus

In Made in Abyss, Cave Delvers are treated as brave heroes of Orth. Among them, the White Whistles stand out from the rest due to their significant contributions to society. At an early age, aspiring delvers are educated about the whistle rankings in Made in Abyss, just like Riko and her friends.

From simple bells to the most coveted white whistle, Delvers bravely descend to the bottom of the abyss. The main objective is to bring light to new beasts and vegetation, as well as bring forth important relics and artifacts from the depths of the abyss to the surface.

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What are Whistles in Made in Abyss?

Made in Abyss Whistle Rankings Explained-What are the Whistles in Made in Abyss?
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Credit: Kinema Citrus

The Whistles in Made in Abyss are used to identify the classification of a delver or a cave raider. They vary in color, which technically symbolizes a cave raider’s rank.

At a young age, aspiring delvers are trained and educated about their future in the depths of the abyss. If you want to become a cave delver, you must not only have the whistles but also have the guts, bravery, and assertiveness to climb up the ladder.


Made in Abyss Whistle Rankings

Made in Abyss Whistle Rankings Explained-Content
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Credit: Kinema Citrus

The six different whistle classifications in Made in Abyss are as follows. They are ranked according to the layer of the abyss that a cave raider safely reaches.

  1. Bells

    Young children who want to be Cave Raiders must start from scratch. They will not be given a whistle but will be provided with bells. The bell marks them as novices in training who have never set foot on the first layer of the Abyss.

    They are usually given to children like Kiyui, but Reg was given a bell as a starting point in the Belchero Orphanage. After all, he doesn't know anything about the abyss.

  2. Red Whistles

    A red whistle will be awarded to a bell holder who successfully descends down the first layer of the abyss on their own. This means they are now rookie cave delvers with a basic understanding of the abyss.

    Because prepubescent children are given such a title, their bodies are unable to withstand the strain of descending deeper.

    The search parties will consider it suicide if a red whistle descends 1,350 meters to the second layer.

    After all, they are only allowed to descend 550 meters. They will then be retrieved by search and rescue teams only until the threshold is breached.

  3. Blue Whistles

    A blue whistle will be awarded if a red whistle manages to descend to the second layer of the abyss safely. Typically, young children at the age of 15 survive the dangers of the Forest of Temptation.

    The Blue Whistles are more confident in their fighting abilities now that they can fend for themselves.

  4. Moon Whistles

    When a cave delver reaches the third and fourth layers of the abyss, only one thing is certain. They have proven themselves worthy and gained extensive knowledge of the curse of the abyss.

    Moon Whistles frequently serve as teachers, imparting knowledge to aspiring cave delvers in order to guide future generations. Moon whistles are on a completely different level from blue whistles.

  5. Black Whistles

    Being a black whistle is no joke. It is only given to those who have gained expertise in cave delving.

    Aside from reaching the fourth and fifth layers of the abyss, black whistles frequently act as subordinates to white whistles during expeditions.

    Imagine the peril and strain of ascension in the abyss's fourth and fifth layers! Anyone could go insane in an instant!

  6. White Whistles

    Among the others, the White Whistles have the most sought-after cave-delving competence. They are regarded as legendary heroes and historical figures who have made significant contributions that have altered the course of history.

    Because of their legendary status, white whistles frequently have aliases attached to their names. Bondrewd, for example, is known as the Sovereign of Dawn, while Lyza is known as The Annihilator.

    As of this writing, Riko has no aliases despite reaching white whistle rank.

    In any case, White Whistles' expeditions make use of powerful artifacts. Lyza has the Unheard Bell, while Bondrewd has Zoaholic.

    Furthermore, their whistles are unlike any others mentioned in this article. Their white whistles are made of life-reverberating stones, which are created from the remains of a delver's loved one.

    Due to their ability to withstand the dangers of the abyss, white whistles are not limited to descending below the fifth layer of the abyss. There will be no turning back once they decide to take their final dive.

    As a result, anything White Whistles say on the surface is taken as fact.