The Made in Abyss Curse Explained

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Made in Abyss Curse Explained
Credit: Kinema Citrus

Diving into the abyss in Made in Abyss is no easy task. It is not a comfortable option for anyone looking to get away from the city and relax. Going back and forth from the abyss will cause you to suffer from the Curse. Here are all the specifics about the Made in Abyss Curse explained to get you started on the repercussions of plunging into the abyss.

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What is the Made in Abyss Curse?

Made in Abyss Curse Explained -What is the Made in Abyss Curse?
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Credit: Kinema Citrus

The Strain of Ascent is another name for the Made in Abyss curse.

It is not to be confused with the rare phenomenon known as Birthday Disease, which has recently become prevalent among some residents of the City of the Greater Pit.

If you're not familiar with the Birthday Disease, it's a terrifying myth in which people die on their birthdays for unknown reasons.

Some believe that the Birthday Disease is still a component of the Curse in Made in Abyss.

In any case, the curse is a serious issue in Made in Abyss. When it comes to cave raiders who bravely risk their lives to reveal the secrets of the Abyss, it is more than just a serious topic of conversation.

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What are the Levels of Made in Abyss Curse?

Made in Abyss Curse Explained -What are the Levels of Made in Abyss Curse?
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Credit: Kinema Citrus

There are seven levels of curse in Made in Abyss, which correspond to the seven strata of the Abyss. Obviously, the deeper one travels, the more deadly the curse's implications are to the cave raider.

The curse on the first layer causes slight dizziness and nausea, which youthful cave raiders can handle. It is not particularly dangerous because the first layer is still at the abyss' edge and completely shallow.

The curse of the second tier produces severe nausea, migraines, and limb numbness. Still, it's also bearable because rescuers can still descend and ascend to assist fellow cave raiders.

Meanwhile, vertigo, as well as visual and auditory hallucinations, are part of the third layer's curse. Rescuers are unable to advance to the third layer since the curse becomes life-threatening, not to mention the environmental threats.

The fourth stratum has one of the curse's most lethal strains. Riko is one of the people who has suffered as a result of the rise. It involves full-body aches and pains, as well as bleeding from every orifice in the human body.

Riko lost all of her senses, became confused, and even scarred her body in the fifth layer of the abyss. Riko succeeds in averting the curse with absolute concentration thanks to Prushka's assistance and Meinya's scent.

The sixth tier of the Abyss is afflicted with a death-defying curse. It causes a loss of humanity and, in certain cases, death. The cases of Mitty and Nanachi are two examples. Nanachi transforms into a fuzzy narehate, while Mitty becomes a hollow with no intellect.

Finally, the seventh layer's curse technically implies death. After their last plunge, no white whistle has returned to the surface, for it will end their lives in an instant.

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Where Did the Made in Abyss Curse Come From?

Made in Abyss Curse Explained -Where did the Made in Abyss Curse Come From?
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Credit: Kinema Citrus

The origins of the curse in Made in Abyss are unknown at the time of writing. Details about it are withheld from cave raiders, complicating their journey through the abyss.

How to Avoid the Made in Abyss Curse

Made in Abyss Curse Explained -How to Avoid the Made in Abyss Curse
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Credit: Kinema Citrus

Certain creatures from the depths of the abyss have discovered ways to avoid the curse.

Nanachi is one of them, who can finally glimpse the force field of the abyss after becoming a narehate. This forcefield is essentially the blood of the abyss, and breaking it will result in affliction.

Nanachi uses the narehate's stalking and vision talents to see the force field and dodge it as much as possible. Another example is tracking the stream of curses in the Abyss using Meinya's scent.

This is demonstrated in the film Made in Abyss: Dawn of the Deep Soul, in which Riko survives the climb from the fifth layer with the help of Prushka and Meinya.

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