Lovers Of The Red Sky Ending Explained: Episode 16 Recap + Did Kim Yoo Jung's Cheon Gi Successfully Sealed The Demon And Save Ahn Hyo Seop's Ha Ram's Life?

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Lovers of the Red Sky proved its incredible impact as episode 16 received an average nationwide viewership rating of 10.4%. This was a 1.5% rise from the previous episode ratings of 8.9%. It also became the series’ personal best after being slightly greater than episode 6.

Lovers of the Red Sky has been dominating the Monday and Tuesday evening time slots. And now that the drama has been put to an end, many fans still linger over the effects of the series and have been sharing several theories that Lovers of the Red Sky may be coming back for season 2. Here is the ending explained and the episode 16 recap.

This article has major spoilers. Read at your own risk!

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Lovers Of The Red Sky Episode 16 Recap

While Cheon Gi and the other painters are doing their best to complete the late king’s painting in order to seal the Demon in it, Ha Ram is out in the woods after he broke the jade ring. Because of this, the Demon found a way to take over his body properly.

No matter how hard Ha Ram fought against the Demon taking control of his body, the Demon's evil aura was about to completely consume him.

On the other hand, Mi Soo gets in charge of the sealing ceremony and ensures that they will successfully seal the Demon in the late King’s portrait as long as Ha Ram arrives. She also warns Prince Yangmyeong that if they don't seal the Demon, nothing will stop its madness.

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What Was The Deal Between Hwacha And Cheon Gi?

It was mentioned in the earlier episodes of Lovers of the Red Sky that any divine painter who attempts to paint the king’s portrait is obliged to seal a deal with Hwacha to complete the painting.


In Episode 15, Hwacha offered Cheon Gi his help and cured her injured arm so she could continue working with the painting.

Hwacha assures Cheon Gi that he will not take her sanity nor kill her, and all he wants is the painting, and nothing else. Cheon Gi agrees and seals a deal with Hwacha. This is why she was able to progress faster than the other days.

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Did Cheon Gi Finish The Late King’s Painting?

Cheon Gi and the other painters who came to her aid were kept inside a room under Mi Soo’s protection. They were focused on completing the divine painting even though there was a commotion outside.

Cheon Gi was motivated to do better after knowing that Ha Ram had arrived at the sealing ceremony. With just a few hours left, they proceeded with the coloring process and the final touches on the face of the king.

However, Ha Ram was completely taken over by the Demon. When he arrived at the ceremony, he wreaked havoc and injured many guards, including Mi Soo, who was trying to control his evil powers.


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The Demon found Cheon Gi, and her eyes were taken. It was mentioned at the start of the series that Samshin took the Demon’s eyes 20 years ago and kept it in hiding through Cheon Gi.

But because Cheon Gi’s sight disappeared, the painting was left unfinished. When she was about to be killed by the Demon, her touch managed to convey a divine aura that helped Samshin and the Tiger Spirit get the Demon far enough away from her so she could continue the painting.

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Was The Demon Successfully Sealed Inside The Late King’s Painting?

With Cheon Gi losing her sight, it was hard for her to complete the painting. Her friends were all injured and unconscious, so no one could help her put the finishing touches.

Prince Yangmyeong came to find Cheon Gi and discovered that the divine painter had lost her sight. Filled with regret, Cheon Gi called on to her father for help. Miraculously, Hong Eun Oh, Cheon Gi’s father, helped her put the finishing touches on the painting.


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As soon as Cheon Gi completed the king’s eyes, Hwacha poured his spirit onto it. The other painters recovered their senses and immediately raised the painting to face the Demon.

Mi Soo sensed that the painting was complete, and she tried to seal the Demon in it. However, because the Demon has now recovered his eyes, his power is now stronger. So, Samshin has no other choice but to sacrifice herself.

Now that the Demon is successfully sealed inside the late king’s painting, Hwacha took it with him to absorb its energy and become a divine spirit.

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Lovers Of The Red Sky Ending Explained: How Did Cheon Gi’s Sight Come Back?

Lovers of the Red Sky Episode 16 sees the Demon successfully sealed inside the late king’s portrait. As soon as the sealing ceremony ended, Ha Ram and Cheon Gi left the city and lived a quiet life far away.


Five years later, Master Choi, Uncle Chun Bok, Gyun Joo, Young Wook, and Choi Jung prepare to visit Cheon Gi and Ha Ram on their birthdays. Prince Yangmyeong, now the Crown Prince, also travels to see his subordinates.

It seems that Cheon Gi and Ha Ram are now happily married with a young child named Joong.

Cheon Gi also had her sight back. Cheon Gi was not born blind and was cursed by the Demon; it was later revealed. It turns out that the Demon cursed their family not to be able to paint again. That is why Cheon Gi grew up blind. And because the Demon is now sealed, everything goes back to normal, as well as Cheon Gi’s sight.

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Will There Be Lovers Of The Red Sky Season 2?

Even though the Demon is finally sealed inside the painting once again, Prince Joohyang has not given up yet. Lovers of the Red Sky Episode 16 sees Prince Joohyang in a coup d’etat, forcing Prince Yangmyeong to return to the palace.

The final episode of Lovers of the Red Sky might have seen the two main characters in a happy married life. Still, back at the palace, it seems that something terrible is about to happen, especially when the last scene highlights the two princes’ swords colliding, with no hint of who will win.


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Also, it should be remembered how Mae Hyang joined forces with Prince Joohyang in the earlier episodes. It looks like Mae Hyang also has divine power, mainly because she was so confident in making Prince Joohyang the king.

However, all theories aside, SBS has not yet confirmed the news of Lovers of the Red Sky Season 2. Until then, all these speculations of the drama returning for another season will only grow the imagination and lingering emotions of fans and viewers of the show.

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