Lovelyz Lee Mi Joo Speaks Up About Girl Group Amid Disbandment Rumors



Lovelyz has been making their fans worry in the past weeks as Woollim Entertainment remains silent on the girl group's temporary hiatus.

As the members' contracts are near their expiry, Lovelyz has been trying their best to ask their agency to give them a new album again. However, the lack of progress only made them and their fans more frustrated.

Amid this, Lee Mi Joo broke her silence and expressed what the group truly meant to her.

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'Lovelyz is home to me'

Lovelyz Lee Mi Joo Speaks Up About Girl Group Amid Disbandment Rumors
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After Ji Soo spoke up about Lovelyz, Lee Mi Joo supported her and the other members during her interview with Jessi.

During the October 14 episode of Jessi's Showterview, Lee Mi Joo offered a heartfelt message about the girl group, recalling the time they were informed about their debut. Per the K-pop idol, they were called to a room where their agency announced they would debut.

As their future remains unknown as of the moment, the member tried to look at the brighter side and emotionally described what Lovelyz means to her.

"Lovelyz is home to me. These days, all the members live separately, so I don't have much time to see them. If I go out on a schedule for the group for the first time in a long time, I feel like home because I'm so happy," she went on.

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Is Lovelyz Disbanding?

Lovelyz Lee Mi Joo Speaks Up About Girl Group Amid Disbandment Rumors
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Lee Mi Joo's comments came after another Lovelyz member, Seo Ji Soo, apologized after giving comments about their group's comeback.

During a voice-only broadcast on V Live, fans asked her about Lovelyz's comeback. She revealed that the members had already approached the company but never got a response at all. Instead of performing on stages again, she and the other members are stuck in vlogging and other activities.

She also mentioned a video blog she filmed which still has not come out due to the very few people in the editing department. She also said people might probably forget she spoke about it once the video finally comes out.

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Seo Ji Soo has since apologized for the statement she made. She also regretted holding that particular V Live broadcast instead of just sleeping her worries away.

Woollim Entertainment reportedly took action over the member's behavior, but the agency remains unmoved of Lovelyz and their fans' appeal for a comeback.

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