Loki: Who Are The 4 New Variants?

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Credit: Marvel Studios

Warning! This article may contain spoilers for Loki. Read at your own risk!

In Loki Episode 4, we get to have a few minutes of extension as there is a post-credits scene just before the curtain closes where it has been revealed that those who are pruned are not entirely erased from existence but are just transported to some apocalyptic place and time. Just as Loki asks what just happened to him, four new variants appear to save him but who are they?

Loki: Who Are The 4 New Variants?

Loki: Who Are The 4 New Variants?
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Credit: Marvel Studios

The shock of Loki being transported to an apocalypse gives him the idea of where people go when they are pruned, they are not out of mere existence. He was warned by four versions of himself that if he doesn't come with them, he might actually die. These four are totally different from each other, and they are added to the variants of Loki already introduced in Episode 2.

There is the Classic Loki, he wears the classic costume of Loki dating back to when he was first introduced in 1962, he looks old and he carries with him what looks like a bag. Draped in yellow and green, he has long horns and wears a cape.

Then there is the Kid Loki who is based in the comics where Loki died then he was reborn, thus, becoming a child. He carries with him a crocodile and that one is definitely a Loki variant as it wears the exact same horns like that of Loki. It is possible that he has been stuck like that under, maybe, a spell, or just a shapeshifting mishap.

The last one is the big guy on the left and he carries with him a hammer that looks like the Mjolnir but different. He is the Boastful Loki or Prahlerischer Loki and it seems he is a champion of all sorts, possibly one who always won in life until he lost to the Time Variance Authority.

To date, there are 11 versions of Loki, including that of the one we know for years in the MCU. While it is possible that there may be another set of Loki variants, the more important question will definitely be why there are so many Lokis who are treated as such. Guess that is for us to find out in the next episode of Loki.

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