Loki: Is Mephisto the Villain?

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Credit: Marvel Studios
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Since Marvel made the big jump from the big screen to the TV scene, Mephisto has always been teased and yet the infamous villain is to make his debut in the MCU. Since WandaVision, many have been theorizing about his appearance and but he did not. In Loki, he was teased once more, and maybe this time, he might turn up and be the villain of the series.

Who exactly is Mephisto?


Mephisto is a powerful entity in Marvel Comics who reigns the dominion of Hell. Marvel's own devil, an immortal demonic entity that wields magic. Mephisto can project illusions, manipulate memories, and alter time. He is also a shapeshifter and he can take the form of anyone he wills to be able to carry out his sinister plans.

Much like the titular character in the canon series, Loki, they have similar abilities but Mephisto is, by far, of greater power than the God of Mischief. Both wielders of magic and shape-shifters, they will also be dealing with one extremely important element in the series: time. This brings us to the theory that Mephisto may be the villain Loki will be going up against.

Warning! This portion may contain spoilers for Loki. Read at your own risk!

Loki: Is Mephisto the Villain? 1
Credit: Marvel Studios

In Episode 1 of Loki, we see Agent Mobius travel in time with the Time Variance Authority to the 1500s following his investigation about Minutemen being slain and the reset vial taken by a what he further revealed as a fugitive. In the scene, the Minutemen with Mobius were startled when a child appeared and Mobius approached the child having a hunch that the kid might have seen something.

True to his gut feel, the child knows who the perpetrator is. When asked who killed the Minutemen, the child simply pointed to a stained-glass window where an image of the devil is seated. Mobius said that the devil is afraid of the Time Variance Authority and that they would be taking care of that. Just as Mobius sends the child back to where he belongs, the child smiles showing blue teeth.

When Mobius asked what made it blue, the child showed him a gum, a Kablooie, and Mobius exclaims, "devil bearing gifts." He asked a minuteman to run it for a sequence to see if there would be hints of temporal aura and despite the minuteman saying they wouldn't be able to get anything, Mobius insisted on it. As the branch nears a red line, just as they were departing, Mobius receives a file about Loki being apprehended.

Later in the episode, Mobius reveals to Loki that they need his help in finding the fugitive that kills the Minutemen and much to Loki's surprise and confusion, Mobius tells him that the fugitive is Loki. Before the episode ends, it was seen that a hooded person went after the Minutemen and took the reset vial.


If the Mephisto theory holds water, it could be that the devil is just bearing the image of Loki because remember, he is a shapeshifter as well, and he could take the form of literally anyone to make his plans successful. Considering that Mephisto could also alter time, he could be a great threat to the Time Variance Authority, as well as the Time-Keepers, in trying to protect the Sacred Timeline.

Do you think Mephisto is the big bad in Loki or someone else? Find out in the series as it releases new episodes weekly at 3 AM on Disney+ where it is rated TV-14 and is available in the highest streaming quality.

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