Little Women Updates And Spoilers: Kim Go Eun, Nam Ji Hyun, And Park Ji Hu Face Society's Cruelty In New Kdrama

Credit: The Swoon/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: The Swoon/YouTube Screenshot

tvN has released a new poster that features all eight main characters of the upcoming Kdrama series Little Women, directed by Kim Hee Won and written by Jung Seo Kyung.

Little Women depicts the story of three poor but friendly sisters facing the richest and most powerful family in South Korea. Solving life’s challenges unfolds dynamically as the three sisters try to overcome the power of money.

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Kim Go Eun Is The Eldest Sister In New Kdrama Little Women

Kim Go Eun will breathe life into the character of Oh In Joo, the eldest of the three sisters, who has a strong sense of responsibility as she eagerly wants to protect her family using the power of money.

As they grow up in extreme poverty, Oh In Joo realises that money is an important feature in living peacefully. Therefore, she dreamt of being well-off until an unexpected event shook her life.

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Nam Ji Hyun And Park Ji Hu Portray Kim Go Eun’s Sisters In New Kdrama Little Women

Nam Ji Hyun will take on the role of the second sister Oh In Kyung, who is firm on not selling her soul for money.

Oh In Kyung is a news reporter with a strong sense of mission and high empathy, who always moves for what is right. She starts working to expose the truth when a mysterious case from her early reporter days suddenly comes out to light.

On the other hand, Oh In Hye will be played by actress Park Ji Hu. She is the youngest among the three siblings and is a painting genius who went to a prestigious art high school only with her skills despite her family’s financial status.

She is often overwhelmed by the attention from her older sisters and is now trying to learn how to live on her own.

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tvN Releases An Exciting Poster Showcasing The Cast Of The Kdrama Little Women

The recently released poster features the three sisters surrounded by the high society members they will inevitably meet. Oh In Joo takes the lead confidently, holding her sisters' hands while the second sister, Oh In Kyung stares straight ahead with a more calm and solid gaze. Oh In Hye clings to her older sibling for comfort, extending an uneasy look on her face.

Meanwhile, Uhm Ki Joon plays the rookie politician Park Jae Sang, while Uhm Ji Won portrays his wife, Won Sang Ah. The couple’s daughter, Park Hyo Rin, will be played by Jeon Chae Eun, who is sitting with an appearance of easy composure, displaying a sharp contrast to the anxious looks worn by the sisters.

Wi Ha Joon will breathe life into the character of Choi Do Il, an elite consultant who stands behind Park Jae Sang with a poker face that is not easy to read. At the same time, Kang Hoon will act as Ha Jong Ho, Oh In Kyung’s childhood friend.

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Furthermore, Oh In Joo’s aspirations are emphasised on the poster as a phrase that says “from the lowest and darkest place in society to the highest and brightest” is seen on top of her image.

The upcoming tvN Kdrama Little Women will premiere on September 3, 2022. It will air every Saturday and Sunday at 9:10 PM KST and will also be available for international viewers through the streaming platform Netflix.

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