Yumi's Cells 2 Episode 13 Recap: Kim Go Eun Officially Ends Her Relationship With GOT7 Jinyoung

Credit: TVING/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: TVING/YouTube Screenshot

Yumi's Cells 2 is the second season of the cell-based psychological romance drama based on a hit webtoon about an ordinary office worker named Yumi.

The series stars Kim Go Eun and GOT7 Jinyoung and is told from the perspective of the protagonist's brain cells that control her thoughts, feelings, and movements.

Here is a Yumi’s Cells 2 Episode 13 recap and everything you need to know about the series.

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Yumi’s Cells 2 Episode 13 Recap

Yumi’s Cells 2 Episode 13 sees Yumi unintentionally announcing her engagement to Babi. Ruby called Control Z about it, which was coincidentally heard by Goo Woong. The news shook Goo Woong, making him remember his regrets about his relationship with Yumi.

On the other hand, Babi introduces Yumi to his father. Although Yumi is already used to having a conversation with elderly people, meeting Babi’s father was different.

Because they were already engaged, Yumi wanted to show herself politely. When Babi went outside for a while, she was left inside the restaurant with a large bowl of tteokbokki.

Thankfully, tteokbokki is one of Yumi’s most favorite dishes. So she ate with gusto and seeing Yumi enjoy the food sent joy to Babi’s father.

Far from his brusque personality, Babi’s father became warm towards Yumi. He even gave her pocket money to buy themselves delicious food. Babi told Yumi that he never once received money from his father, showing that she made a good impression.

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Kim Go Eun Falls Ill In Yumi’s Cells 2 Episode 13

With a critical deadline ahead of her, Yumi became busier than ever. Her tight schedule then harmed her health. She suddenly caught a cold and even had a mild fever.

Babi got worried after finding out that Yumi was sick. He insisted on going to her, but Yumi couldn’t just agree with him leaving work.

Yumi went to the pharmacy to get some medicine. On her way back, Goo Woong sends her a message and suggests meeting at a nearby coffee shop.

Goo Woong heard about the news of Yumi’s engagement, and he felt that he had to congratulate him personally. He also wished to receive a wedding invitation from her, which Yumi said she would discuss with Babi in the future.

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Kim Go Eun Ends Her Relationship With GOT7 Jinyoung For The Second Time In Yumi’s Cells 2 Episode 13

Yumi stayed at home, and while she was suffering from a high fever, she suddenly felt comfortable. Babi appears and starts to take care of her.

When she felt a bit better, Babi went outside to get some beer as he would watch a soccer game in a while. Yumi stood up from her bed and was about to wash her face when she saw someone calling Babi’s phone.

Daeun was calling Babi, and Yumi just stood there staring at his fiance’s phone. Not long after, Babi returns to Yumi’s apartment to see the latter sound asleep. Babi looks at his phone, knowing he messed up once again, when he sees a missed call from Daeun.

The next morning, Yumi decided it was not a good idea to marry Babi. As she watches Babi drive away, Yumi takes off her engagement ring.

Eight months after, Goo Woong returns from a business trip. He checks all his mails and sees a wedding invitation sent by Yumi. He immediately assumed that it was an invitation to her wedding.

Coincidentally, he was driving in Yumi’s neighborhood, so he decided to stop by and congratulate her. However, he sees a moving company taking her things out and thinks Yumi is transferring to her newlywed house with Babi.

When Goo Woong is about to forget all his lingering feelings for Yumi, he accidentally bumps into her on the streets. It turns out that Yumi broke up with Babi, and their wedding will not be happening. The wedding invitation that Yumi sent him was for Yida’s wedding.

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Meanwhile, Yumi recalled how her relationship with Babi ended. She broke up with Babi not because Daeun called or because Babi had not yet deleted Daeun’s phone number. Yumi felt calm when she saw Daeun calling Babi, and she realized immediately that she would not be happy.

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